Going Green


Last Tuesday, the boyfriend and I had dinner with his colleagues and his bosses at Arpochi Seafood Restaurant located in Obrero. When he called me up at lunchtime to tell me that his bosses will be there, I was definitely psyched up. Aside from work, I also have errands to attend to that afternoon, and looking haggard in front of his superiors over dinner is certainly not in my list. Therefore, I made a way to still look presentable despite the hectic schedule that day. Hence, from my usual white nurse uniform, I changed into this:

I mixed and matched all of the clothes I'm wearing inside my head! Well, I chose to be comfortable and since I know that we will be having a seafood dinner, I opted for a loose top to allow more room for my food. I don't want my bulges to get too much attention after a full dinner.

Top: Vintage from Mom's

Pants: from Cebu

See that white Volkswagen? That's my boyfriend's baby who has just been resurrected to life! It is actually a family-owned vintage car that has been with them for over 30 years. It was my first time to ride his cutie patootie white baby! 

I was supposed to write a review about this restaurant, but I don't have enough pictures to back it up so maybe, the next time that I'll be having dinner at this place, I'll make sure to document it. I got totally shy to bring out the camera when his superiors arrived.

We got lucky enough to have our narcissistic faces clicked even before the others arrived. 

I had a very good night being with his workmates that it didn't made me feel out of place at all. Lastly, I'm thanking my boyfriend for inviting me and for treating us to this sumptuous dinner. I will surely go back to this place again (and make my feature!).

Until then! 

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  1. Love your smile..you look very pretty:))love your photo too:)


    1. thanks a lot tammy! hope to hear more from your blog! :)

  2. Hi Chamee! Thanks for the commenting!
    We followed you on bloglovin too,
    If it's not too much, we are happy you do the same to us ;)





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