Review: My Skin Essentials Acne Perfecting Facial Set


I have always been battling with pimples ever since I entered puberty. Although I am aware that the main culprit behind are my erratic hormones, I admit I tried to experiment with products that work topically as the prescribed systemic treatments required a long time before effects became noticeable. 

When I was asked to try the Acne Perfecting Facial Set from My Skin Essentials, I didn't hesitate to give it a shot since my skin was back in its problematic state again. Considering that their products are made up of natural ingredients, I thought giving my skin the chance to switch to and experience natural ingredients won't hurt that much. Hence, I waited until my systemic treatment was done before trying out this product.

See those tiny bumps on my forehead? 

BEFORE:  notice the tiny bumps on my forehead and chin. Pardon my eyebags.
AFTER: no more bumps. powder only on skin and no filter
After 2 months of using the Acne Perfecting Facial Set, I noticed that those tiny bumps on my forehead were minimized plus my skin experienced lesser frequency of breakouts. I also observed that whenever I have a bump or two, the facial set dried up the pimples in a lesser time, making these bumps gone in 2-3 days. In addition to that, my very fine lines became barely noticeable. 

For me, one product which stood out from this set is the Acne Perfecting Toner. Most toners I tried before were very drying on the skin but with this one from My Skin made me feel like my skin was always refreshed. However, a word of caution though - when using this product, expect that you might experience a slight stinging sensation at the beginning of usage but will diminish once your skin has adjusted to the products. 

I am satisfied with the result that the Acne Perfecting Facial Set did on my skin. Even though my skin is still not even close to being flawless, I do believe that my skin now is way way better than what it was before, making me conclude that the switch to My Skin Essentials was indeed a great move.

So if I were you, give these natural products a try and make that switch to My Skin Essentials. Before you even realize it, these products could be your most-awaited solution to your skin care problems.

Have you tried using the Acne Perfecting Facial Set? Let me know your thoughts! 

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  1. Nice review... but sadly these are not available here in our country

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  2. Hi Huda! You can have it shipped to your place. Just check out and contact them through their FB page,


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