Leave Your Crowning Glory to the Experts


"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." 
Coco Chanel

Never did I thought that such famous line from style icon Coco Chanel would have a significant impact to me when one day, I got invited by SVS Korean Beauty Salon to try their treatments at their newly-opened branch -the SVS Prime, located at the 3rd floor, ITH Building in Sutherland Complex E. Quirino, Davao City.

Knowing SVS Korean Salon's reputation to be one of the bests in Davao in the field of hair industry, I couldn't pass up an offer to spend an opportunity to have my hair done by the salon's owner/director, Soo Bum "Deeno" Jeong.   With his expansive list of specialization trainings and education abroad,  Deeno Jeong's expertise has long been sought-after when it comes to Korean perms, cuts, and hair treatments.

I honestly admit that my hair is not in its top-condition after having it subjected to monthly color treatments, a long history of previous keratin rebonds and frequent exposure to sun and seawater that the damage is very evident and seemingly irreversible. Seeing how my hair badly needs to be resurrected didn't even made me think twice of trading an afternoon of work for a once-in-a-lifetime miracle.

After a short hair assessment, Deeno suggested I get a CC perm - a half-rebond, half-perm hair treatment wherein my hair will have to go through 9 different kinds of medicine from Japan and Korea. Since I know he's a Level II trichologist, I trusted them to do whatever deemed best no matter how long it takes. 

According to Deeno, every great perm starts with a great haircut, so he started trimming my ends before applying medicines and neutralizers. My hair got its much-needed attention after all the wash, medicine application, blow-dry and ironing it went through that afternoon. 

I almost couldn't hold my excitement in knowing I was in for a total hair transformation - from wavy, lifeless and damaged hair to bouncy soft curly ends. However, after 4 hours of treatment, my hair did not respond very well to the perm medicine, citing my previous history of keratin rebond to be the main culprit for such failed attempt. The previous medicine used in my hair (I had it done in another salon, btw) didn't allow the new medicine to penetrate in my ends, thus leaving curls that were actually soft, bouncy and beautiful, but won't last long - curls that didn't keep up with Deeno's expectations either.

The failed attempt at perming would have alarmed me had I done it in a less expensive salon. Of course, I want nothing but the best for my crowning glory. I'm totally consoled with the fact that SVS Korean Salon is not just an ordinary salon but a hair clinic as well, so in unfortunate situations like this, Deeno's hair expertise came to the rescue as he did a Botox Rebond - a gentler kind of rebond which can revive damaged hair. 

After another 3 hours of hair manipulation, I was totally in awe of how my hair was transformed into a naturally looking straight hair with volume and shine - my hair goals are totally achieved!

At times,we tend to settle for the superficial quality by having perms and rebonds at less inexpensive salons just because they're cheap, without actually realizing that we're doing more harm than good to our locks by allowing harmful chemicals to touch our crowning glory. Admittedly, I'm very much guilty of that and doing so brought damage to my hair that hindered me from getting those perms that I truly desired. This experience could have been more dreadful if you allow less experienced personnel to treat your hair. If there's one thing this experience has taught me, it's about leaving your hair to the experts. Never again will I scrimp on my crowning glory and I will only entrust my hair to those who can take care of it best - and SVS Korean Salon is already proven and tested. This salon experience did not only change my hairstyle, but more importantly, it changed the way I give importance and value to my crowning glory. 

Much thanks to the people behind SVS Prime Korean Salon for the invitation and opportunity!

3rd floor ITH Building
E. Quirino Ave. Davao City
0917 514 2766

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