Braided Bead Necklaces


Being off from work during weekends is one of the things that I really appreciate in my work. I can use all the time during weekends (even though at times, 2 days off are are not enough) to unwind and to work on my thesis for my master's degree. Today was intended solely for my thesis (since I already watched a movie last night), but I got too lazy (or to say, unmotivated) to work on the revisions needed for my thesis. However, when I opened up my closet, I found some craft materials and began working on something which I already had in mind a few months ago.

And the end result are:

braided bead necklaces (photo taken via Instagram)

I know this is not comparable to the ones being sold in stores since this is just my first time to try my luck in doing crafts. I still have a lot of beads in stock but have run out of threads, so maybe it's a sign for me to rest up, and focus my attention on my thesis, maybe later.

What do you think about my finished products? Have a blast on your weekends!

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  1. Love it!! So adorable, and a great way to save money!

    Stephanie xx

  2. These are fabulous. Love the gold chain threaded through them.

  3. It's so lovely! You have done great job with beads. I really love gemstone beads jewelries and recently was presented a necklace of black onyx beads and It was too beautiful as shown above. But now thinking to make a self-made necklace as shown above. Thanks for sharing.


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