TWR x Blackberry Curve 9220 (My Chance of Owning a BB!)


First of all, let me just say that I am not writing this blog because I got sponsored by Blackberry Philippines. I really wish a thousand times that I am but the main reason why I am blogging about this phone is that I really dream to have a Blackberry phone and maybe, this post can be a chance that I can make my dream come to a reality if all luck will be on my side.

One of my favorite bloggers, and fellow Davaoeña as well, Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista, is giving away one free Blackberry Curve 9220 as a giveaway for her birthday! When I stumbled upon her blog and knew about this birthday giveaway, all I can say is WOW! I truly wish that this precious smartphone be mine!

Even though the question being raised was as to why do you want to win this phone, the first thing that popped into my mind was, Seriously? Who in the world would not want to have a new Blackberry when all of the things I'm about to tell you are all in this phone?Plus it's for free! 

BRAND. The Blackberry itself. And when you hear the word blackberry, the first thing that comes to your mind is no longer the fruit, but the phones and your intense desire to own one blackberry in town!

Life is more social when blackberry. Social and “Sosyal.” You get closer SOCIAL ties because you own a “sosyal” phone.

All that a corporate girl needs is in one phone. News? Emails? Tweets? IMs? Name it and Blackberry has it!

Cute and chic colors! Who wouldn’t love to be stylish and chic with the different colors available for you to choose from.

Keeping in touch with the latest information and updates is never a problem when you have a Blackberry.

Bringing you closer to the world, and the world closer to you!

Elegance. With its sleek design and stylish colors, Blackberry truly defines ELEGANCE.

Remember the good times and capture moments with its 2 megapixel camera and instantly share it to the world.

Range of the best features are all in this phone. Threaded messages, BBMs,  Wifi connection and long battery life, you’ll surely get connected anytime and anywhere!

YOU! Having a Blackberry upgrades your life, and all the features in store makes YOU to be always the BETTER YOU!

And have you noticed that all of the great points I listed above make up one word, and yes you know what it is - BLACKBERRY!

I know there are also a lot of people out there like me who is craving enough to get hold of a Blackberry phone but I'm taking the slimmest chance I can get to own one. As for me, being a person who's always on the go, I want to be informed and socially connected with the world all the time. Another thing is, because of my hectic schedules in work and in studies, my social skills probably need some revival and that this phone will be a very helpful tool to stay connected and alive. Plus, these smartphones come in different fashionable colors which makes it a perfect accessory to pump out your outfits. 

And who knows? Maybe my fate is destined to win this smartphone! The best of luck to all those who joined! 

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