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My sensitivity to products with harsh chemicals led me to my continuous search for products which are safe for use even in the long run, thus I resorted to using natural and organic skin care products. A few months ago, these products from One-Earth Organics arrived at my doorstep and I'm more than glad to try them out.

One-Earth Organics is actually a Philippine-based research and development-oriented company which aims to produce clinically proven safe and amazingly effective anti-aging, clarifying and brightening skin care products by using only the best, most potent, non toxic, organic ingredients. 


One-Earth Organics Antibacterial Whitening Deo-Spray

A powerful antibacterial, whitening and antiperspirant deo-spray that contains natural and organic ingredients to control underarm sweat and odor with antioxidant agents that effectively restores, regenerates and repairs skin cells. Also, it works as a pore corrector (anti-chicken skin) that is proven safe and effective to smoothen, soften and protect the skin, making it more resistant to waxing, shaving & plucking that cause pigmentations, uneven tone and texture. 
Price: Php 352 for 60ml

The One-Earth Organics Antibacterial Whitening Deo-Spray comes in a dark-colored translucent plastic bottle with a capped spritzer. Upon application, the product comes off a little bit sticky at first, but quickly evaporates in seconds. Once sprayed, you have to spread the product quickly in order to disperse it all through out the underarm area. I appreaciate that like any other commercial underarm products, it stays on the whole day without wetness and does not stain the clothes. I noticed a bit of whitening, even though it's still too early to say whether the effect is sustained after prolonged use. For its size, it can be a bit expensive but only 1-2 sprays are enough for a day.

One-Earth Organics Illumina Milk Soap

For intense whitening and moisturizing effect, this Illumina Milk Soap is made cold-pressed rich in organic fresh milk essence, alpha arbutin and shea butter. It hydrates and lightens up the skin as early as first use and is effective as a powerful long term whitening that accelerates dark cell exfoliation, evens skin tone and provides an instant pinkish glow for a brighter luminous complexion. It controls excess oil and sebum, moisturizes the skin, minimizes pores, maintains skin elasticity and improves signs of aging. It also accelerates healing in skin disorders and soothes various skin irritations.

Price: Php 465 for 150g, also available in hotel sizes for Php 65. 

I like that this soap can be used on both face and body, although I prefer to use it more on my body. It smells sweet and delicate just like milk. I like that it did not sting on initial use and I noticed my skin to be a bit softer, more moisturized and healthier-looking. Unlike other organic soaps, it does not easily melt thus it can last longer. Downside? Paying for a hefty amount for a bar of soap. 

Bare Body Sugaring Wax

I've always preferred waxing over shaving and I usually opt for a hot wax instead of a cold one. But recently, innovations like sugaring wax have been popping out in the market so when this product was sent to me, I thought of giving it a try. According to the packaging, the Bare Body Sugaring Wax is considered to be 100% natural, safe and easy to use without the need for heating.. All you have to do is to knead, apply and pull.

It feels a bit different from my usual hot wax. Its consistency is really sticky that although it can be a hassle removing the product from the tub, its efficacy in hair removal is outstanding. It's important to use two spatulas, instead of one, to scoop the product out and one to spread as double-dipping the spatula may contaminate the product. It has a pretty smell of honey so make sure that you closed the cap tightly so as not to attract ants. The great difference it has from the hot wax is that its less painful and possesses no risk of burning the skin, yet as effective as the hot wax in removing unwanted hair.

Have you also tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

To purchase these products, you may contact:
Name: Kacey Maceda
Shop name: Cas Tiel Organics
Ig shop: @castielorganicsdavao

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  2. Hi Miss Chamee,

    Thanks for sharing this. Haven’t tried any product from them yet but since their products are organic, I’ll give the Illumina Milk Soap a shot.

    Anyway, please allow me to share with you this online shopping site here in the Philippines where you can purchase makeup and skin care products: Clarisonic Philippines

    See you around! :D

  3. Hello. Are the effects of the product good after prolonged use? :)


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