A few weeks ago, I found myself on the brink of giving up something to the point wherein I had to step back and reevaluate what has been going on around me. I felt really exhausted to the point where I can no longer find joy in doing what I gleefully used to do, nor did I find any meaning or fulfillment in what I’ve been putting in. Burnout, as what most people told me. For months, I had been keeping on, pushing myself to my limits, stretching my tolerance, convincing myself to give some more [and forbear] until it came to a point that I just want to give up, and walk away. All the things I’ve been shrugging off under the rug were now even harder to contain until such time, all these things were beginning to take its toll on me, without me even knowing it. Sadly, I was running on empty.

I went into hiatus – disconnected myself from the part of the world that was slowly eating me alive. I slipped into my introvert mode and drenched myself into another set of priorities – the priorities I had been putting aside just because I was enjoying ‘this phase of my life’. It was like weaning myself from such, and slowly letting things go, but then eventually, I find myself still holding on. While there were multiple reasons to let go, there are far more legitimate reasons why I should not. 

And in Luke 21:12-19, God revealed His affirmation: 
“And by your perseverance, you will secure your lives.” 

His message for me was clear - that my renewal into a relationship with Him wasn’t only meant for me to secure my own life, but also a call for me to secure more lives for Him, in the light of fulfilling His mission. Today, I got reminded, that when I had my spiritual, physical and emotional batteries all dried up, He reminded me to think of LOVE – because love always perseveres – having Christ as our foremost example of the One who kept at it, even though there were many times He could’ve given up. 

Challenges will always be there, difficult people will always be draining, harassments will be too many. It's reality. However, faith tells me it’s not going to be easy, but faith also tells me that enduring it all until the end is possible, as long as I focus my eyes on Jesus. 

Just as Jesus’ love for me and my salvation kept Him on the cross, may my love for Him keep me on the course of the life He planned out for me, continuously tugging me to go to that extra mile with small strides at a time, in order to carry out His mission.

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