Dear Future Husband


To be honest, I really don't have any idea why I'm writing this.

Maybe, let's just blame it initially on boredom or maybe it was an epiphany of some sorts which led me to start drafting this letter until such time that I finally completed this. But then, regardless of reason, I fervently hope that you'll come across this letter someday and know for sure that this one is solely intended for you, even if at the moment, I still don't have the slightest idea who you really are.

I just have one question in mind: What's taking you so long to find me? No matter what your answers are, I believe that everything happens for the reason, and when the time comes that God steers our direction towards one another, I believe it's going to be really worth the wait.

I know we've been through heaven and hell with our previous relationships but I hope you know that those things were just a way of preparing and molding us to become the best versions of ourselves, willing and ready to start the rest of our lives together.

So here I am, writing this so that if ever there may be a day in our lives that I falter as a wife, let this be a reminder of the things I want you to always have in mind as we journey through this adventure called marriage.

God will always be the center of this marriage and I vow to love God more than I love you and the rest of the world - for it is in loving God and depending on Him in every step of the way that I can serve you and our future family in a way that is glorifying to Him. I will do my best to impart the love we have for God to our future children so that they may grow to become instruments of God's blessing to others, just as you are to me.

I promise to be your partner - not just your partner in a written contract, but I will be your partner in mission and service to God, in adventures and misadventures, in joys and sorrows, in victories and trials and that you will always have my full support, no matter what. We are always going to be two people making up one superb team, and I will always be confident of your leadership.

I promise that we're going to be in this vocation together, whatever life throws along the way, or whatever mission God has called us to do. I promise that we will always uphold the values that shaped us, the spiritual devotions that bound us closer, no matter where the modern culture drives us to. We'll stick to our principles, even when at times we have to deviate from what most do.  In that way, as role models, we'll be able to teach the same to our future children and praying they'll impart the same to the rest of the world.

I promise to trust you - your decisions, your goals, your visions, your ideas - because you earned it when God made you to be the one and because you rightfully deserve it. Of course, at times I'll probe your ideas or insights, so please prepare your best justifications.

Even if I want to spend every moment of this world with you, you still have the time and space to breathe, to explore, to grow, to be happy in your own way. It's up to you whether or not you'll share it with me. In that same way, I'll also find my own means to grow and be better, confident that you're trusting me as well.

I will always be praying for you and with you, that may the grace of God continue to surround, protect and equip you, in the same way that I did even before I knew you. I will always remind you that in times of trials and challenges, we can overcome them all by clinging closely to God and trusting in His great love for us.

I might sound too excited to meet you and start the rest of our lives together but for now all I can do is wait and pray for you as the best expression of my love. I will wait, not because I don't have any options right now but these options could not even come close to what God has promised - YOU. I will wait, and while I wait, with God's guidance and preparation, I continue to be a work in progress into becoming the woman He wanted me to be.

I will wait because I do believe that God is still writing our story, for now, and only He can make it perfect and beautiful when He says it's time.

Your future mission partner,

PS: I made the first draft of this post last June 2014. 

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