Another Lucky Sign


Hi! Have you noticed the new look of my blog?

This has been a colorful month for me (I'll tell you later why so just read on!), so I decided to tweaked my blog with something colorful and injected a splash of color from what used to be a very minimal and simple theme.

So, from this header:

to this:

Isn't it colorful?

And if you have also noticed, I tweaked my sidebar yesterday and customized the sidebar titles with images.  Thanks a lot to Google and to all the other bloggers for helping me out. This is how it looked like as seen on my Instagram (@misslitratista) post.

But then the fickle-minded me was uncomfortable (again!) with how comical and immature my sidebar labels appear to be, so from the colorful labels, I decided to tone down and made it minimal this time. 
Check sidebar!  --------- >

But honestly, the things I previously mentioned, blog customization and all, are not what this post is all about.  Or let's just say, they're connected.

In the middle of my blog overhaul, I uploaded my images in Tinypic. For those who are familiar with this image hosting site, Tinypic actually asks for a verification word or phrases to ensure that you're human and to avoid automatic downloads. I was kind of in a state of shock when this one appeared:


I was supposed to answer that one with "Really?" but as soon as I switched tab to check on updates on my Blogger, I stumbled upon this blog post from AS TOLD BY JULZ:

Someone's got lucky again today! And yes, that's definitely me! I won! The sign is definitely true!

I almost forgot that I joined this contest. God must have looked into the deepest corners of my heart because I admit, I really wanted to join a make-up workshop and learn more but since I still have other priorities to spend for, I veer myself away from attending workshops. And I guess it was just in my previous post where I mentioned the need to learn more regarding make-up techniques and applications, and this workshop is truly the answer!

Photo Source: AS TOLD BY JULZ

I'm going to get my hands dirty and productive this weekend.  I'm already excited that I confirmed my attendance in her blog post without waiting for an email. This will be my first time to attend to a make-up workshop, and the best part of it all is that I'm going to attend for FREE! 

Thank you Julz  and Ms. Jean Ong for this awesome giveaway. See you both on Saturday!

By the way, what do you think of my blog's new look? Tell me your thoughts!

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  1. Wow, you really are the chosen one pala! Love your banner. It speaks volumes!

    See you on Saturday. =)

  2. I like the banner too...I'm your newest follower...follow me back please.

  3. nice new look!!! good job! i was trying to comment on your sushidito post but my net here sucks. anyhoo, my cousins own the place actually and i'd like them to read your good review if that's ok. pls. post your link on my FB if you've time. thank you hun!!!

    1. Hi Ate Belinda! Sure, I'll post it on your FB later. Super fan talaga ako ng Sushi Dito. :)) Thanks! :))

  4. aw cool banner. wish I had one like that too.

  5. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment.Following you.

  6. thanks for your comments dear! leave your link so I can drop by my blog too. :)


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