How Do You Pick the Right Cologne?


There are thousands of colognes out there that you can pick from. Faced with hundreds of products, you need to have an idea of how to get the one that suits you. So, how will you pick the “one” for you?

The type of fashion statement you make as a man depends partly on the type of cologne you wear. There is a wide variety of colognes available on the market that you can pick from to suit your style and fashion needs. You have at your disposal thousands of scents that come in form of different brands. You have all the opportunity to browse through and select the best. So, how do you pick the best fragrance to suit your needs?

Choose a Fragrance that Appeals to You Personally
There are different scents produced from the use of different ingredients. All the popular scents are made from a combination of leather, powder, citrus, musk, fruit, spice, wood, flora and more. You need to choose a scent that best appeals to you, not one that a friend or the sales person has recommended. You can test the smell by spraying on your wrist so that you get a feel of how you will smell. 
Smell the fragrance produced by the cologne before you buy it.

Consider How Long the Scent Will Last
One of the defining features that separates high quality from low quality cologne is how long lasting the scent will be after you apply it on your body. To make the scent last longer, apply it on the pulse points of your body. You also need to have a skin moisturizer especially if you have dry skin to keep it soft thus, you will be able to retain the scent much longer.

Choose According to the Situation at Hand
There are different colognes that are manufactured for different seasons and situations. If you are looking for cologne to use during daytime on daily basis, then look for one that is a bit mild. In a similar way, there are different features you look out for when looking for cologne suitable for night outs, going to the beach, romantic outings, or for use in winter or summer.

Consider Other Beauty Products You Use
You will most definitely have other products such as lotions that you use daily. When choosing cologne, make sure that you select the one that will complement the scent produced by other products. This means that the scent should not contrast with whatever you are using.

Match the Cologne with Your Personality
Your personality will work volumes when choosing a scent. Depending on your lifestyle, you need to pick cologne that complements your attitude, style, and behavior. When you take what defines you and combine it with good cologne, you will make an impression that goes far. Let us look at some of the personalities and the ideal cologne for each.

Your personality will guide you on the cologne to choose.
Different types of Personalities
The Sporty Personality
When you lead an active and vigorous lifestyle, then your cologne should also fit the part. Get cologne that will reflect your world so that you can attract ladies who are like-minded. One of the best one you can pick for this look is the Versace Pour Homme.

The Young Professional
You need to present yourself the best way to your peers and colleagues at work in a professional manner. It is not good to be well - groomed yet you smell funny. Pick The One from Dolce and Gabbana to get a professional scent and enhance your look.

The Urban Man
Men with this personality are always ready and on the go. This means you have to pick cologne that will allow you to go from an office meeting to a night club without worrying about your smell. One of the best options is Calvin Klein Men-Euphoria that provides a sublime aroma that will make you stand out.

Choose According to Your Skin Type
Knowing your skin type is one of the major factors to guide you towards your perfect cologne. Your skin may be oily, dry or sensitive. For sensitive skin, you need cologne that has been manufactured from all-natural ingredients that will not react with your skin. For dry skin, go with bold fragrances that are formulated to last longer when the weather is dry. This will reduce the frequency of application of the cologne. Oily skin works best with light scents that balance out any secretions from your skin.

Consider the Price of the Cologne
Though this is not such a big issue, you need to make sure you match your budget with what the cologne costs. It does not mean that you have to get high-end perfumes to smell good, because even cheaper ones can produce the effect you need. The other thing you need to put in mind is that you should not compromise on quality by going for the cheapest perfume which does not produce the best results for you. The price of the cologne is a big factor to determine the decision to buy.

Consider What Other People Say About the Cologne
Because in most cases you will interact with people when you have put the scent on, you need to know what they will think when you wear it. One way to do this is to go with some friends to shop for the cologne. Once there, pick a few of them and get the reaction of your friends. Your friends should be brutally honest with you and will help you get a fragrance that will receive wide appeal.

Check the Quality of the Cologne
With the popularity of colognes, fake products imitating the real brands have come up. These fake colognes are of poor quality, consistency and scent. The good thing is that there is a way to know the difference between a genuine perfume and a fake one. One way is to do with the price. Many fake products are cheap because the aim of the manufacturer is to make a quick buck. There are also definitive features of every cologne that makes it distinctive. Do some quick research to know what these features are and look out for them when you go shopping. Also checking who is selling the colognes is important in determining the quality.Colognes for, FragranceNet, ClassicShaving and many other online stores sell colognes for men. Your local stores for cologne and perfumes could also be places to visit.

About the author: David Wolf is a writer who has a passion in fashion and colognes. He has written several review articles for sites selling cologne for the past five years. He resides in Atlanta city.

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