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Human Heart Nature has long been a popular brand here in the Philippines for producing organic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and high-quality products which are fit to every Filipino's lifestyle needs. During their magalogue turnover which happened last January, Human Heart Nature introduces new products that I'm pretty sure will change every Filipino's personal and household routine into embracing the organic lifestyle.

Here are the products which Human Heart Nature introduced during their last magalogue turn-over and are now available in all Human Heart Nature branches nationwide and in their website as well.

First on the list is the new Human Heart Nature Strengthening Shampoo with Cool Peppermint Scent. This new addition to their shampoo line promises to strengthen hair while at the same time revitalizes the scalp with its cool peppermint scent. (Php 44.75 for 50 ml and Php 129.75 for 200 ml)

Another addition to their personal line is the Pure Strength Deodorant for men. It has a cool long-lasting scent  which is perfect for men who are always on the go. This deodorant currently retails at Php 89.75 per bottle.

Aside from providing organic and eco-friendly products for personal care, Human Heart Nature broadens its scope by introducing organic and eco-friendly  household products, the Tough Love  series, which includes a natural dishwashing liquid and liquid detergent. Both are considered to be very tough on germs but provides love for its consumer and for the environment.


Of course, the event will not be possible without the Davao Bloggers posing for a photograph. Thanks again to Swexie of Trendsetters Fashion Boutique for inviting me and my fellow bloggers for this tough love event.

Stay tuned for my detailed reviews for some of the products recently launched by Human Heart Nature. For more information, you can visit the Human Heart Nature website and Trendsetters Fashion Boutique on Fabcebook.

Why don't you give these eco-friendly products a try? 

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  1. pretty exciting products! the dishwashing liquid and detergent is quite nice as my hands would often be allergic to high chemical liquid detergent~ thanks for sharing! ^_~

  2. Hmm interesting products. Thanks for sharing!

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. No problem dear! It's pretty good to give some organic products a try.

  3. Hi ms. chamee! do you know a skin clinic here in Davao City who provides a great diamond peel service? :)


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