Go, climb a mountain.


When you feel like giving up, go and climb a mountain. 

When you need a breather, climb a mountain. 

Yes, it's difficult and exhausting but the lessons you learned along the way are rewarding.

You'll appreciate the value of slowing down or else you'll miss the best views, the craziness and all the fun (and the food) along the way. 

You'll get to enjoy basking in the glory of God's wonderful creation and develop a deeper appreciation on His amazing works. 

You'll appreciate the presence of a buddy and that there will always be people around you who'll support, encourage and share the burdens with you. 

You'll develop endurance and that every ups and downs is preparing you for what lies ahead.

You'll learn the essence of perseverance and even though you don't see your destination, you keep on keeping on because you trust that there's always a destination at the end of your journey.

You'll realize that moving forward is the only logical choice and that standing still won't get you anywhere. 

In the end, you'll forge a more trusting relationship in God knowing that His presence is with you in every step of the journey and that He'll bring you safely to your destination.

Just like life.

We all have our own mountains to endure but be assured that God has it all planned and that He will supply all the grace we need to conquer even our biggest mountains.

In order to be the best version of you, take heart and climb a mountain.

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