Date a Dutertard.
She follows the rules and she's careful not to break them. She's willing to give up her momentary pleasures for a greater cause. At first she might resist, but eventually, she will get to understand that rules are made for her own welfare.
She's flexible. She can be prim and proper and casual and highly adaptive depending on the circumstances. She's strong and unpredictable and at times, she can be rabid to the point of going through lengths to defend you when you're being bullied. She can be petty and sensitive but she will not condone you for your bad and disrespectful jokes. She knows where she stands.

She's generous with her blessings, time and service and she's always ready to help those people in need, whether a friend or a foe, without expecting anything in return. She's aware of the things happening around and quick to extend a helping hand to those in need, not for publicity but out of humanitarian concern to her fellow countrymen.
She knows you're just human and that you can't promise her heaven. She's real enough to understand that you're not made of and for perfection. Even if she has her own sets of values and principles, she'll try to see where you're coming from and will listen to your side before rebuking you on a mistake you've done. But she won't judge you, because she believes that only God can put a judgment on anyone. She's realistic to see what you can and can't do but rest assured, she will support you until the very end. Actions matter more to her, not your words. She believes and will continue to believe in what you're truly made of.
She doesn't mind being called a Dutertard, or any other label you want to call her because she knows her self better more than the people who personally attack her. She proudly wears her label because she knows that her stand is backed up with firm beliefs, substantial research and realistic ideologies, taking into consideration the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed, the majority who are also clamoring for change. She believes that change is necessary and that it will always begin with her.
Love her with all you got and she will always look beyond your imperfections and accept you for who you are because she has seen how good and awesome and sincere your heart truly is. Love her and she will stand by you till the end


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