Twenty Eight


I should have posted this entry months ago but a temporary hiatus from blogging seemed more fitting at that moment. The past few months have really been challenging, nonetheless overwhelming, but I'm grateful I'm still here, alive and kicking, but more equipped to the things that life is about to throw along my way.

I welcomed another year in my life in El Nido, Palawan - a place I consider to be as the most beautiful I've been to here in the Philippines. It was my first time to travel alone to a place I have never been to and to celebrate a change in age away from my family. Exciting and liberating was the feeling if I may say, but nothing beats having the warm company of your family on your special day.   

If there's one thing that embracing another year in one's life has taught me, it was to embrace everything that comes along with it, most especially all the challenges in it. Trials may seem to be insurmountable and never-ending, but I'd like to believe that God has it all together for me, for my own good and for my own growth. I have learned to look at my negative circumstances as opportunities for learning and room for improvement. I may have often failed to shift my perspective on some instances, but I believe that a God of chances is always backing me up, continually pushing me to my utmost potential, and tirelessly convincing me to never give up.

The start of my 28th year may not be the best as I saw it from my own point of view months ago, but now I realized it was all I ever needed for me to grow. Had it not shaken me, I would have stayed comfortable yet stagnant and hindered from discovering that I can still be way better than who I used to be.  And it was also in that same phase of my life wherein I surrendered everything to God, in full trust and confidence that He always has the best for me.

Indeed, the best is yet to come. Carpe diem!

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  1. Yun oh! Hahaha. Ngano kaha nag blogging hiatus hmmmmmm hahahaha

    1. Hello Renz! Hahahaha! Dahil alam na! Anyway, syempre, I explored the surroundings to look for things to blog about. Charoooot!


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