Sending a Message: Farewell Urbandub


It was on the first day of April that I stumbled upon Urbandub's announcement regarding their disbandment. While all the time that I thought of it as another April Fool's Day joke, the reality just sank in yesterday when I saw photos of #Endless, the band's final performance as one unit last Saturday. 

And just like any other truth we heard at some point of our lives, IT HURTS

I honestly don't know and care much about the individual lives of each of the band members, but ever since I first heard First of Summer ages ago, then came the rest of their songs, I slowly found myself falling in love with their music. 

Why? Try listening to their songs and you'll find yourself captivated with lyrics which usually mirrored our daily struggles, most especially the matters of the heart. 

To add up to that, I've been using their song lines as captions to some of my photographs or status messages in Facebook. In fact, even until now, their song The Fight is Over still holds the spot for being my official break-up anthem. 

But if you're too lazy to lend their songs an ear, I've listed, in no particular order, my most played Urbandub songs and the lines which hit me the hardest. 

1. THE FIGHT IS OVER (Under Southern Lights, 2007)
"Explain to me what has become of us. With words released, we can never take them back. For all that were worth now. Not even pleading can save us."

How could you not emote to this song? I'm fighting the urge to post the entire song. Because every line is definitely #hugot.

2. A CALL TO ARMS (The Apparition, 2009)
" There's no point to keep your head face down when all we see and know and feel is temporary. Spread your arms and keep your head held high."

"Hold back the tears, there's little reprieve. If you show you are weak, you're accepting defeat. Pick up the pieces and dust yourself off then banner away."

3. REVEAL THE REMEDY (Embrace, 2005)
"We could have been more. Can we ever have these feelings again? "

"Maybe in time we'll realize that maybe, fate reveals the remedy, making it feel like it will be like the first time."

4. FRAILTY (Embrace, 2005)
"When all of the world says we won't make it through, we'll battle the world."

5. EVIDENCE (Under Southern Lights, 2007)
"Time has a way of healing, or so they say. So why am I still left here crying?"

"Caught you in the arms of another. I've been dying every day since then."

"When everything seemed alright, you turn and break my heart. Did I deserve your love?"

6. FIRST OF SUMMER (Embrace, 2005)
"Parked car, this night sky. Makes city lights shine like diamonds."

"We own the world. I wish this lasts forever."

"Drive me away 'coz tonight just feels right. Further in you feels so right."

7. WE KEPT IT HIDDEN (The Apparition, 2009)
"How fortunate in endings, hid behind the guise of a phase."

"Let all the pieces fall out of the dark, I'm right here now safe in your arms."

8. SOUL SEARCHING (Influence, 2003)
"Heed my words , listen to advice. You don't need to run away and take your life."

"Whatever you do, choose life."

9. GRAVITY (The Apparition, 2009)
"A thievery plot to steal your wary heart."

"I'll sing you praises before the kill."

"Your body's worth more than the expanse of the seas. I'm all in 'coz tonight there's only you and me."

10. THE END OF SOMETHING (Embrace, 2005)
"Coz it feels like the end of it all, we're strangers again. All promise is lost."

11. WHEN LOVE IS NOT AN ANSWER (Esoteric, 2013)
"We could finally put our tears to rest. Then we'll slowly rebuild from there."

"If it's over, God make it not so."

"When love is not an answer. We're only human we can get fed up."

"Decide to release me. In those eyes I can see the pain you never show."

12. DIM THE HEADLIGHTS (Esoteric, 2013)
"It starts with a stare. We're both well aware. You're pulling me closer."

"Sit still on your passenger side and watch you drive me to fall in love."

13. ENDLESS, A SILENT WHISPER (Embrace, 2005)
"We're caught in a world of our own. We cling to the hope it will change for us."

" Is this the beginning of our last dance? Once around the floor can we do it again?"

"Heaven sheds tears for wounded hearts. Our forever has been torn apart."

14. 2 THINGS (Birth, 2004)
"You answer so soft that you can never be mine."

" It's wishful thinking that you will leave everything for me. I know you're scared to get hurt."

15. SENDING A MESSAGE (The Apparition, 2009)
"Our tears run deep and they turn to ink. For the songs that made you all sing We're sending a message, sending a message."

"With every moment we share, take in a picture. Each loving embrace, a reminder of who we are. Fearing the day that this could be all gone."

It makes me feel sad to know that I can no longer expect to hear new songs. But even if the band will no longer play as one, their songs will forever remain in my playlist. 

Thank you, Urbandub, 
for making city lights shine like diamonds. 

If you're also fond of listening to Urbandub, what's your most favorite song and line?

***photos taken during their concert in Davao, March 2011 ***

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  1. I thought you watched the concert. Too bad I wasn't there to witness their last performance as a band. First of Summer is also my fave song. I guess I just have to be satisfied with their songs playing on my iPod. Saw them played in Manila twice.


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