I'm Not Lucky. I'm Just Blessed!


Not just once. 

A bit impossible to accept but God has always been teaching me to find meaning in appreciation amidst the most difficult of situations. For every trial that comes along my way, another blessing awaits. It didn't happen for just once but for a number of times already. 

Had I been lucky, I wouldn't be in this current situation that I am experiencing right now. There are just some things which are difficult to comprehend as of this moment. Just when things are getting darker and more blurry for me, God brought in something to shed some light and that despite the trials that engulf away our joys still remains the fact that there are things in life to be happy about.

Like this.

I really didn't expect that the blog post I wrote about FReSH Fragrance Bar will bring me something to be truly happy about. I am very thankful to Nuffnang Philippines and FReSH Fragrance Bar that from among the number of wonderful entries on this contest, they appreciated my blog entry and rewarded me with this.

So for all those who stumbled upon this post, read it until the very end and realized that you may also be in the same situation that I am right now to the point of even considering about giving up because life is just too overwhelming, then take note of this: like any other people, I may have encountered series of trials for the past few months, but in the middle of these, God never leaves us. Instead He brings in something beautiful for us to appreciate, most especially during the times when appreciation becomes difficult. Just keep the faith, trust, believe and be always thankful to whatever lies ahead.

So to those people who have been saying that I'm lucky after winning three Nuffnang contests already, all that I can say is that I am not lucky. 

I am just blessed. And I am always thankful that I am.

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  1. Wow! You win another contests?!? Hands down. You are truly blessed of such talent God gave to you. Nice writing and nice articles. Hindi lang 'to swertehan na talaga! I'm in awe.

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Third in a row. hehehe! Yes, I am truly thankful. Hindi ko alam kung talent ito but every time that I write an entry, I do it with all my best and all my heart, plus loads of prayer upon submission. hehehe!

      Thank you Jenniya!

  2. woah! congratulations! I never seem to win any contest I join. Maybe God has a something different for me, right? Anyway, congrats again. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl


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