Top 5 Best Wool Types for Making Knit Outwear


Amongst all other clothing materials, wool has its importance. Wool is a luxury item as it is one of the best insulating fibers. The use of wool in clothing or any other accessory helps in keeping the person warm and away from cold temperate or moisture. The intricate wool fiber makes the clothing very comfortable adds grandeur to it. Wool comes in different types, each with its own distinct property which can be utilized in a unique way. For many decades only ships wool was manufactured and used in clothing and textile industry but now with advanced knowledge of the surroundings, men have been able to use animals such as rabbits, goats, camel, etc. to obtain high quality wool.

The characteristics displayed by the wool type determine the pathway of its use. Length, diameter, crimp, luster, color and the feel are all impertinent factors which can alter the entire use of the fabric. For example, if the wool has too much crimp the fabric will turn out to be rough whereas just the natural crimp in the wool would give a softer feel. Colors are not a matter of worry as most of the wool can be easily dyed into any color the manufacturer wants.

Top 5 Best Wool Types for Making Knit Outwear

Camel hair:
For a soft, lightweight and durable fabric, camel hair is the best option. The natural color concludes of a golden brown shade but can be dyed according to the customer’s preferences. Camel hair is one of the most expensive wool types because the harvesting process is way too costly. This is why most of the fabric is a mixture of camel and sheep wool in order to make it affordable. Elite class of a society prefers camel hair wool because of its extravagance fabric. 

Angora wool is made from the hair of the Angora rabbit. It has a soft feel and is lightweight. They are popular for wearing in cold weathers as the fibers have the characteristic of retaining heat. The fabric is very comfortable to wear and thus used mostly in outerwear such as sweaters.

Sheep’s wool:
The top most in demand and widely used wool is the sheep’s wool. It is common in all the countries because it is accessible almost anywhere and the fabric is also extremely flexible. Since the market of a sheep’s wool is huge, the qualities they can be found differ as well. There are high-quality, medium-quality and coarser wool in the market and all are bought by the customer according to their preferences. However, for knit outerwear only the finest-quality is used. The characteristics such as wrinkle-resistant and static-free make the use of sheep’s wool extensive.

Sheep’s wool

Very few countries have accessibility to cashmere fabric which is made from the hair of a Kashmir goat. Countries which have Kashmir goats sell the cashmere fabric less expensively than other countries who import the cashmere fabric. The harvest obtained per goat is quite less which make the cashmere fabric even more expensive than any other fabric. However, even after all that people prefer cashmere fabric because of its extraordinary luxury fabric that it creates. The softness is remarkable and is known as the top most lavish item wool amongst all. SNS Herning is one of the brands which use cashmere for their sweaters.

Alpaca wool produces fabric that is silky, durable and warm. It has a very nice luster and creates beautiful texture along with insulation. The most tremendous trait about the alpaca wool is the fact that it comes naturally in about 20 different colors from two different breeds. Most of the alpaca is used for upscale suits and sweaters.

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