5 Things to Do While Your Boyfriend Hosts Lads Night!


Now we've all been there. And by there, I mean the dreaded limbo period where your boyfriend and his friends assemble a debate between pubs and clubs / the footie game and/or an intense poker match (one things for sure, don't hang around to find out; these decisions can take hours.)

So, with your new renowned Friday freedom on the horizon, you realise it’s your turn to go and have some fun too. And with that in mind, here are our top 5 things you can do last minute:

#1 Girls Night Out
The most exhilarating and often over looked option is a night out with the girls. Give a quick phone around and gather them up down your local cocktail bar. Order in the pitchers or the wine (by the bottle) and have a good old natter. You’ll quickly realise why this hasn’t been organised sooner.  

The night doesn't have to stop there though, carry the night on with a cocktail class, wine tasting or chocolate making session. It is Friday after all and the night is young!

#2 Go to the Cinema 
Go and see that chick flick you’ve been secretly obsessed about over the past few weeks. It’s actually quite uplifting to be sat in the theatre by yourself and enjoy the triumph of a chick flick with zero distractions. It’s relaxing, enjoyable and best of all – you won’t have to share your large popcorn or chocolate nibbles with anyone nor listen to your boyfriend moan about how awful it was afterwards. You can cry and laugh at all the parts he would have found inappropriate guilt-free! 

If the film doesn't start for an hour or so, pop into a late night salon for a mani or pedi before hand. Or even eat in the restaurant you've been dying to try out.

#3 Treat Yourself
Three words: late night shopping! Go and treat yourself to that cashmere blouse or sequin dress you've been staring at for weeks. You have nothing to feel guilty about, he's out with the boys flashing his cash around. There's something quite therapeutic about late night shopping too. The stores are quieter and you can get a lot more done without the irritation of ducking and swerving. Stop in a coffee shop on the way home and treat yourself again to a hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows. Dreamy.

#4 See the Family
Go and visit your family for the night! Some of us don’t have an issue with keeping up with dear old Mum and Dad, but some others have to be held at gunpoint. Personally, we don’t see the issue – they feed you great home cooked food along with pudding (which happens to be guilt-free too as you haven’t bought it!) And they have more blankets and hot water bottles than you can imagine for the perfect sofa snuggles. You don’t have to be anywhere tonight so there’s no excuse. 

#5 Be an Exhibitionist 
Last but not least, have a quick Google and see what late night art exhibitions or museums are open. Your partner would probably find these boring and surprisingly, you might come away with a little more inspiration as you’ll find you have the time to stop and take into consideration the beautiful art work or artefacts that lay before you. Most exhibitions will hand out free wine too! Bonus.

If this doesn't take as long as you'd like, stop on a coffee shop on your way home (one you haven't been to before) and indulge into a warm beverage in a cosy corner. Watch the people and the environment around you and just relax before you make your way back home.

About the author: 
Kaley Smith is an outgoing freelance writer from the UK who has been in the industry for a number of years. 

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