La Isla Bonita at Talikud, Samal Island


What started out initially as a plan to trek Puting Bato, Samal's highest peak, had eventually evolved into discovering an off-the-beaten-path paradise situated at Talikud, Island Garden City of Samal. All we wanted was to go to the beach, take photos and enjoy the sun but we knew deep inside that our standards of a beach destination could not be satisfied with the array of beaches that are just a few minutes away from Davao City. 

Upon seeing their FB advertisement, we got highly intrigued about La Isla Bonita Resort. Despite missing the chartered boat directly to the resort, our intense craving for adventure did not even have the slightest hint of surrender that we boarded the boat to Isla Reta and then hired a motorcyle leading to the resort.

After a 15 to 20-minute grueling and butt-numbing motorcycle ride, this beautiful view of the beach made our jaws dropped. A picturesque view of pristine blue waters, a long shoreline of white sand plus an unobstructed view of Davao gulf made all the challenges of traveling to this place totally worth it. It was a rough and unspoilt paradise that deserves so much recognition and appreciation. I even find it unbelievable that such beautiful place still exists near Davao City.

Fortunately, the weather was very cooperative to our photography needs. Even if we could feel the scorching heat of the sun harshly penetrating our skin, we still decided to explore the long shoreline and take photos. Of course, we didn't refrain from taking a dip so we got to enjoy the shallow and grassy waters when the sky was already slightly overcast.

The beach is more captivating in the earlier parts of the day so I guess an overnight stay will be better for you to truly enjoy the place. There are already a number of cottages to comfortably accommodate tourists who wish to stay overnight, but don't expect high-class facilities since the resort is still in its expansion stage. The resort does not impose corkage on food and a variety of  food choices are also available on the menu, with a serving size good for 2 to 3 persons. 

And if you want a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle of your toxic life, this place is definitely a good choice since telecommunication signals from all networks are as scarce as my non-existing lovelife (lol, just kidding!) But yeah, you will really get to enjoy the beauty of the world and life in general with the company of your crazy friends when you're away from any addicting piece of technology. So ditch the phones away, and just be in the moment since that's what life calls us to do - to always be in the moment! 

  •  The boat to Isla Reta usually departs Sta. Ana Wharf at 9am and leaves Isla Reta at 3pm. Boat ride: Php 80.00 per way.
  • Once you get out of Isla Reta, there are a lot of motorcycles for hire that will bug you to hire them. Arrange your time of pick-up with the driver, instead of asking for their phone numbers as mobile network signals may really be spotty. Motorcycle ride: Php 70.00 per passenger per way. 
  • Entrance Fee: Php 70 for daytour, Php 140 for overnight.
  • Open Cottage: Php 200; Overnight cottage: Php 400.00

Contact No: 09989912754 / 286 - 8621 / 09257212754

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  1. Any activities in the island? :)

    1. beach bumming lang! hahahaha! baka soon meron na pag fully-operational na sila.

  2. Any picture of the cottages? Are they clean?

    1. clean pa kay bago pa man. naa sa ilang FB doc ang photos. :)

  3. Ganda sana kaso an layo, pano kung marami kame? buong angkan ng pamilya ba ubos ang motor nila. lol. anyway, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thumb's up for La Isla Bonita...

  5. You really have the perfect fashion sense. Love your outfit!

  6. the island is so majestic..^^ I love to visit there soon, thanks for sharing this amazing paradise.

  7. Wow, this place looks really awesome and seems to be worth visiting! Thank you for sharing and for this great inspiration!
    Have a great day!

  8. Such a paradise!
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