Manila Haul: Products from Snoe + MAC and their Worst Service


Hello everyone! How's your weekend so far?

I just arrived from a very quick official travel to Manila to attend a seminar on disaster preparedness. I only had three days of stay in Quezon City, and the closest place that we can go is in SM North Edsa and Trinoma since I am not yet very familiar with the place. 

Anyway, I would just like to share some of my beauty hauls from Manila. The first few products on my list are from Snoe. I heard a lot of good reviews about this brand so I grabbed the chance to bring home a few products that I can try. 

Products from Snoe
 1. Shoo-Zit Matte World Mattifying Acne Toner (P299.00) - I've been suffering from breakouts and oily skin lately so I decided to purchase this one. I hope it's the solution I'm looking for.

2. Snoe White No.3 Special Kojic with Gluthatione Beauty Bar (P139.00) - I've been a a fan of Kojic Acid because it helps dry up my pimples very fast. Plus, I'm looking for a not-so-expensive beauty bar that I can use to lighten my pimple scars and at the same time, helps in controlling my pimples.

3. Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream SPF 30 (P169.00) - The saleslady recommended this product to use in conjunction with the Snoe White Beauty Bar. Since I am not using any separate product as a sunblock as of the moment, I'm going to give this a try.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC30 (P1000.00)

Upon learning that I'll be sent to Manila for a seminar, the very first thing that entered my mind is to purchase MAC products. I've already tried a few products from MAC hence I am really convinced with the quality of the brand. I've noticed that my studio fix powder (read my review about it here!) has already started to hit the pan and it will only last for 2-3 months more so I thought of buying a new one with the closest shade of my skin tone. I know that Trinoma has a MAC make-up booth so my colleague and I intently searched for the booth, even asking the concierge for directions. When we arrived there, I didn't expect that the MAC booth in Trinoma has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! 

At first, the sales representatives didn't bother to approach us and help us choose the right products for us. We were the only customers on the booth, but when others started arriving, they stood up and approached them, but with us, they acted like we didn't exist. From the way I observed it, they seemed to be accommodating to those who looked fashionista and looked "as if they are going to buy MAC", but just because we're in plain clothes doesn't mean that we don't have the intentions of buying their products. One of the saleslady (the slimmer one with the longer hair) didn't even flash a smile when she accommodated my colleague. I also asked her what shade of MAC would suit me and she just hurriedly answered me with NW 25. At the back of my mind, I was like, "Miss, I'm between NC30 and NC35 based on the previous makeup workshop I attended a few days ago. NW is too light and pale for me.", but I didn't blurt it out loud just because I was already pissed off with their service. My intention of buying their products vanished after this experience so I told my colleague that I will just go back the next day hoping that the next time, I will be accommodated properly and my questions will be answered. 

When we dropped by again the following day, the same sales representatives were there. When I asked the saleslady (the same saleslady!) as to what shade suits me, she instantly answered NW20. Check her inconsistencies, the other day she answered NW25, and now I'm NW20. Aren't you supposed to help me checked for the right shade? I knew by heart that this shade is too pale for me because I had two MAC products in NW20, my Studio Fix Powder and my Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, and seriously, they look to ashy on me that's why I need to replace them. So I said,  " Isn't it too light for me?" She rudely answered me, "Gusto mo pala darker? (Do you want a darker shade?)", to which I responded "I had two products of NW20 that I needed to replace because they looked too ashy and pale on me. I am more on the NC side, between NC 30 and NC 35." She gave me a tube of NC 30 that I sampled on my lower jaw then immediately left me to gossip with her companions. Isn't she supposed to be the one to sample it on me, or basically assist me tactfully in choosing the right shade? Because definitely, I need help in finding my true shade that's why I'm there and that's the reason why they're there, to assist us! I was thinking of buying a compact powder and a lipstick but since I was really frustrated with their service, I ended up buying the concealer alone. 

My excitement for MAC products died down after this incident. I didn't want to question as to how MAC chose and trained their product representatives because I know for a fact that I didn't experience the same thing with MAC in Ayala Cebu. I was very much accommodated there even if I didn't buy any product, even if I was just in simple plain clothes. My colleague can also attest that MAC MOA didn't have the same kind of service as she was also accommodated properly that she ended up buying more products than planned. But most of the feedback I heard from some of my friends about MAC sales representatives were also not good. But seriously, I hope MAC Philippines will look into this matter, because even if their products are very expensive, we, average-income earners, save up just to buy them, only to end up having second thoughts purchasing their products just because we were not accommodated and treated properly by their sales representatives. We even have to fly from Davao to Cebu or Manila just to purchase them directly from MAC counters because of the guarantee of the authenticity of the item plus getting the chance of finding the perfect shade and right products which MAC in Trinoma blew the latter away. If this incident happens again, I would not have any doubt purchasing other brands with the same quality I could get from MAC but with better sales representatives and much better customer service. 

I didn't expect for a world-class service from a world-class product but I felt really deprived of the basic assistance that I rightfully deserve as a consumer of their products. I hope this is the first and fervently wishing, will be the last bad experience I get from MAC.

Anyone here who also experienced bad customer service with MAC? Let me know your story by commenting below.

P.S: I don't usually post my rants about poor customer service here but I guess MAC needs a wake-up call.

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  1. I feel for you. I also experienced that (not with MAC) but in other brands. Nakakawalang gana talaga bumili when you feel that you're being judged with your appearance. But when you look rich (pag nakaporma ka at all made up), the chance of being more accommodated. Some sales representatives also aren't helping, that is very true. May maisagot lang, ganun ba yun? Sana mabasa ng MAC Philippines ito Chamee.

    I am Jenniya

    1. exactly! we Filipinos hate to be discriminated in other countries but sadly, there are still Filipinos who discriminate their kapwa Filipino. I made it a point not to dress up and all kasi nakakatakot pumorma sa Manila baka pagtripan ng holdaper or snatcher pero come on, they should treat all possible customers nicely, that's the least that they can do.

  2. Mac company is indeed awesome! You should have complained about that sales girl. This behaviour of her is bad for company , they should have known about it~!

    Aree With Umbrella

    1. I love their products with all conviction but sadly, I don't like the way their sales representative handled me.

  3. Oh my.. mas maglagot ko sa inconsistencies sa ilang answer labi nag kailangan jud nimo ba. tsk tsk tsk. And stereotype kaayo nang depende lang sa porma ang ilang i-accommodate. Naa baya mga simple lang manamit pero naay kaya. Naa pud kanang porma pud pero way intensyon mupalit.

    If I were you, avoid the TriNoMa branch. Better go to MOA instead just like your friend said. :D

    1. If i had a choice, sa MOA ko niadto jonas pero layyyooooo kaau! hahahaha. tapos no time na pud before the flight kay morning mn mi, so wala na jud choice. pasalamat sya maganda ang effect ng product sa akin ngayon, or else, babalikan ko sya. hahahaha

  4. Is Snoe a Filipino brand? Mura lang lagi stuff nila and bet ang packaging!

    1. yes. proudly Pinoy sya. sa nabasa ko from other bloggers, ok ang reviews kaya naisipan ko itry. hehehe

  5. Great products, girl! I like your blog, super cute! I'm following now :)

  6. Cool haul Chamee! Love Mac products too! :)
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  7. SNOE!! I've been meaning to get my hands on them. I heard they're opening a branch sa G-mall. *fingers crossed*

    I hate salesladies like that. If they don't like helping their customers, why bother applying for the job anyway. Kung ako ang andun, basig nitaas na akong kilay. hahahah

    1. hahahaha. nisiurok lagi akong kalag pero i kept calm and bought a MAC. LOL! buti pa ang snoe, uber ka accommodating sa saleslady kaya ayun, napadami ang bili ko kahit di planado. maau na lang jud nakita nako ilang stall sa Landmark, kay uber curious pud bya ko sa ilang items. so far, so good! wait for my reviews! :))

  8. oh my god sis, the same thing happened to me with MAC reps in Rustans shangrila EDSA, they didn't even bother to approach me, they just stared and looked so nonchalant.. what a bunch of ASSHOLES ... MAC should train their sales reps properly -___-

  9. same thing happened to me at mac trinoma. i'm new to mac cosmetics so i opted to ask the saleslady for help. isang tanong, isang sagot lang and the way she answers is very unprofessional.
    i then asked her if - and why for that matter - mac here is more expensive than in the US (because it seems to be as i remember). her reply goes like this "ano ka ba pareho lang. kay rustan's na mismo nanggaling. wag ka kasi bibili sa online sellers dahil fake. at saka ma'am, 30 ang mac lipsticks ko kaya maniwala ka". i got very irritated that i told her "i don't do online shopping. yung price na nakita ko kasi sa mac @ Glendale galleria parang mas mababa. sana pala dun nalang ako bumili" and left. I never went back to mac trinoma after that.

  10. Sorry I saw this post today and I couldn't help to leave a comment. This happened to me too when I was at Benefit Cosmetics at Mall of Asia. I was wearing my college uniform since I came from USTe before going to MOA. No one even greeted me when I came in! But when this other person came, they hounded her so quickly. When I was trying to ask about their primers and foundations and about the shade I should get, I could really feel that they didn't feel like answering questions coming from me. I guess in their mind they already classified me as one of those people who were just curious but had no intent to purchase anything in the first place. Argh. I was planning to buy a primer and foundation but I just got so pissed off with the way they were answering my questions with one liners that I just left the shop. Ughh. Although there are times that I get way overwhelmed when some salespeople ask me so many questions and just hover at me while I just wanna look around, there are also times that I get irritated when they don't even bother to talk or ask you anything. I mean accommodating customers should be S.O.P. or they should at least ask what the customer is looking for or whatever. Also, their service reflect on the company they represent. And MAC Cosmetics isn't some low quality stuff. Quality shouldn't only be found in the product being sold but also in all other activities needed for a business to operate. It's sad that customer service here in our country for MAC cosmetics don't live up to the standards and quality that they stand for globally. But you know what, as a customer you have a very strong voice in a matter like this. Since MAC is recognized globally, you can write a letter to MAC philippines or write a letter directly to MAC's head office and relay to them your bad experience and emphasize how disappointed you are with the service. I did this once with payless shoe stores. I wrote to the head office here in the country and I wrote to the head of the main office found in New York. The lady refused to accept the shoe that I was trying to return, I was shocked because in the States payless is known for their for excellent return policies and customer satisfaction. I'm happy to say that I received replies from both offices and not only did I get to return and exchange the shoes that I got, they let me choose another pair for free! :]

  11. Hi Chamee,
    MAC products are worthy kahit expensive pero kung sakin ginawa yung nangyari sayo sa MAC booth in Trinoma ay hindi na lang talaga ako bibili! Meron namang ibang brands na mas maganda at very friendly pa ang mga representatives.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  12. Same thing happened to me at MAC Rustan's Alabang. Twice already. The first time di rin ako pinansin until may bagong dating na sales rep nilapitan nya ako dhl nkita nya wala nageentertain s akin. And i like how she assisted me so instead of buying 1pc i ended up buying worth 10k of MAC products. 2nd time, today. I was planning to buy again, yet no one entertained me. Though wla nmn mga clients na mrmi. Ung isa nkatayo lang. Ttwgn ko to assist me bglang aalis at iaasist ang bagong dating. Is it bec i was fully made up and i was just wearing simple clothes. Hay nalang tlga. Lmbas nlng ako at umuwi na. Tnmad nko bmli. S ibang mac store nlng ako bbli.

  13. Almost enter that branch but ended up buying one product in mac sm makati.
    They accommodate me nicely even when I wear plain tshirt, shorts and no make up at all.


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