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I know it's still too early for Christmas but I noticed that most of the blogs I'm following have made their wish list. So to join the fad, let me share to you my wishlist! 

On top of my list: A Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera

I badly miss to take pictures like the way I used to before when I was still using a Nikon D5100. let's face the fact, these high-end babies really take better pictures compared to the point-and-shoot ones. Also, I still has this dream of being a wedding photographer, but instead of jumping to the more expensive gear for practice and training, this beginner's gadget is already enough for me. 

Shoe closet

Yes, like the pretty celebrities and fashionistas, I also wish to have my very own shoe closet, but not as extravagant as this. I am already happy and satisfied with owning more than a few pairs of shoes, but having them organized and kept well will be definitely an achievement. As of now, I am just happy with my mini shoe cabinet which safeguards my pairs of shoes. 

And of course, if I wish for a shoe closet, then I also wish for more pairs of shoes for my shoe closet.

I will still prefer those shoes who are stylish and fashionable but doesn't sacrifice comfort. After all, the aesthetic aspect of a shoe is only next to the comfort it gives. I still prefer those kinds of shoes that you can wear in almost any occasion.

I have been drooling over these Marc Jacobs watch that I stumbled upon in a shopping mall. This Marc Jacobs watch is a perfect epitome of stylish and chic without being over the top. Another thing is, it will not be difficult to match it with any outfit because the gold tone easily blends in with anything. But the biggest question I always ask Marc Jacobs, when will can I afford you without drilling a hole in my pocket?

And lastly, a large bag that can fit in all my essentials in life -my Ipad 2, my make-up kit, my digital camera and everything that I can't leave the house without. I'm currently obsessing these styles of bag right now. 

Tory Burch

Michael Kors

Colorful satchels! But the one with the handle (see no. 5) is the best of them all!

How about you? What's your wish list?

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  1. I love Marc Jacobs, hes amazing!
    would you like to follow each other? :)

    1. just followed you through Google Friend Connect. :)

  2. Wow, what an amazing shoe closet!

    My wishlist right now includes a Celine nano bag in red (or a phantom) and a pair of classic Louboutins. I like the Marc Jacobs watch you picked out!


    1. yes, I've been eyeing on that watch ever since I saw it from another blogger's post. :)

  3. wow..I have a long wish list too..hahaha welll, it good to have one:). I recently bought a NIkon D90 18-200 cm camera and love it. You definitly should for NIKON:)


    1. i was eyeing for the D90 too but it is still very expensive here...

  4. The shoe closet is def on my wish list!!


    1. well, we better start collecting shoes now for our shoe closet! :)

  5. Isn't that Maria careys closet???? I remember she had around 200 sqaure meters of shoe closet...crazy!!!

    And instead of waiting for Christmas.. in this page they help you to compare prices!:D http://www.pricepanda.com.ph/cameras/


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