What good is a title if the blog doesn't speak for it? 

If you happen to be wondering how I came up with the title of my blog 'Little Miss Litratista', the word litratista is a translated Filipino word for photographer. Oops, I don't really consider myself as a photographer (although I really wanted to be a real photographer someday) since I am not yet knowledgeable of photography technical terms and such and I rather prefer to be called a photography-enthusiast or a hobbyist. I started to love photography way back in 2007 when I stumble upon a website of a hobbyist in Multiply, and I felt the desire to try on this interesting hobby. I started taking pictures with a digital camera I purchased in 2008, but my pictures are in no way comparable to those taken by high-end photography gears. Owning my own personal DSLR is one of my biggest wishes in life, and the closest chance I got to using one was when my sister got it as a gift from her husband. Since my sister was not yet interested to take photos using her gear, I was the one using it most of the time, which paved the way for me to capture anything under the sun, until such time that she had to bring her toy when she migrated to Canada. 

Even though I don't have a dslr right now, I am still living the passion by making use of what I have right now- my Sony point and shoot camera and Ipad 2. As what Chase Jarvis once said that the best camera is the one that's with you, I am trying to maximize the potentials of the cameras I have right now while saving up to buy the camera I'v been intensely wanting to have.

So at this point, since this is a personal blog, I'll be starting my own behind the lens series. These series will be consisting of anything I have captured in the goal of preserving memories and letting these pictures speak for myself. My goal is to showcase my love for photography in the same way that I am showcasing to you my unending love for fashion, food, beauty products and life in this little humble space of mine in the world wide web.

A famous cliche said that your first 10,000 photographs are your worst, so let my future blog posts share to you my worst captures in the hope of improving my craft and expressing my passion through photography.

Little Miss Litratista behind the lens | Photo taken by Sarah Dayrit

More to come next time! Ciao! 

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