Ladies, There's Always Going To Be That Guy....


There's always going to be that guy who allures you with his gorgeous looks, captivating smile and oozing charisma, but until you see what's beyond his attractive looks, by all means, dig deeper. Get to know him more - his values, his aspirations, his intellect, his character. It's hard to fall head over heels on a guy who only has physical attributes to offer because definitely, these things will eventually fade out in time.

There's always going to be that guy who entices you with his irresistible gift of intellect, and while that trait is undeniably magnetic, look closely on how well he treats you and the people around you. Yes, IQ's a great criterion in choosing a partner for it will bring you places, but if his character does not go at par with his high level of intellectual capacity, then it's time to get those brain cells of yours working in coming up with the best decision about your next move.

There's always going to be that guy who sweeps you off your feet by showering you with gifts, pampering you with extravagant surprises, taking you to luxurious trips and all those stuff you can only imagine happening in the movies and fairy tales. But before you get all carried away with all these generous gestures, try to see if he can also offer things that no amount of money can buy, such as loyalty, honesty and fidelity, or whether he leads you to a closer relationship with Christ. Because while these worldly things give us satisfaction and happiness, it's nothing compared to the riches God has promised and prepared for us.

There's always going to be that guy who opens doors for you, offers seats for you, drives you home, or checks out on you whether you're home safe. It's irresistibly sweet but unless that guy has clearly laid out his intentions on you, continue to treat him nicely as a brother in Christ, nothing more and nothing less. Yes, he could be a potential partner, but please, guard your heart well by shrugging off any assumptions you can possibly think of, or compromising your current relationship (as a brother-sister in Christ) by putting something else which was not there in reality. If it can't be helped, limit only to reciprocating him with acts of service as any sister in Christ must do, checking from time to time that your intentions of bringing him into a relationship with you must not outweigh your desire of bringing him into a closer relationship with Christ.

There's always going to be that guy who, despite turning down invitations after invitations, never seem to lose the drive of chasing after you. Even if it was clear to you that you can't reciprocate his interest, gently offer friendship instead, or better yet, be that person who will lead him closer to God. Who knows, you can be that person whom God uses as His instrument to change this person's life by preparing him as someone his future wife will thank you for. 

There's always going to be that guy you fall hard for, who seems to be everything you want in your future husband. While it's good to pray that He might be the one, unless God gives His approval and commands this guy to pursue you, keep your feelings to yourself. It's not our job to do the chase. Nothing comes more important and special to a man than having someone he worked hard for, so if you want to be such a treasure to a man, then be that someone he must work hard for. If it's God's will for you to be together, nothing can come in between. 

There's always going to be that guy whom God has given you at some time in your life, but God has taken away because he might have already served his purpose in yours. While the feelings linger, and the good memories with him continue to haunt you that you can't seem to immediately move away from, God definitely has a beautiful reason why this man was only for a season, not for a lifetime. Eyes on the prize, pretty, because God will replace it with something far better than what you once had. It's detrimental to miss out on God's plan just because we keep on focusing on what God has locked down behind us instead of preparing our hearts to receive what He will bring into fulfillment.

There's always going to be that guy whom God has prepared for you - and while he may or may not come in a package you did not expect, you can always trust God in His will for you. He's going to be the guy who will make you thank God why it never worked out with just any guy who walked in and out of of your life.

But as you wait for that guy, remember that there is always going to be that Guy up there who's more than willing to love you far better than any other man in the world can do and that He sacrificed even the life of His beloved Son for your sake.

If you could only fathom how this Guy loves you, you will definitely realize that nothing compares to the love He has for us even before we came to be. In this season of searching, choosing and waiting, let Him have your heart first. Let Him have your attention, and your devotion, and He will surely make the right things in your life fall into place at the right time. And when that happens, you'll be thankful enough that you did not settle for anything less than what He has planned for you.

The best is coming. Never cease praying. Trust Him and His timing in your lives.

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  1. Wow, what a very beautiful post. Ika nga, True Love waits :D


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