Samal Island Hopping: #TeamDDI Fun Under The Summer Sun


When it's a Saturday and the sun is up after a few consecutive days of gloomy and rainy weather, you start to believe that definitely, one good day's coming up. 

Despite not having enough sleep for the past few days after having bouts with flu, my spirit couldn't resist going on an island hopping adventure specially prepared by Kaiser of WAYPH.COM  for the Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. It's also the first time that this newly-established organization is doing this, so who would want to miss that? Definitely, not a beach lover like me. #MILESTONE!

Armed with vitamins and medicines and unlimited supply of sunscreen, I got to soak up the sun again after a few months of weaning myself from the beach. Beach body or not, I definitely didn't care as long as I'm enjoying this adventure with long-time friends and grabbing the opportunity to know more new people in the organization as well. 

Island hopping tours are considered one of the best ways to discover and explore the Island Garden City of Samal. When going on an island hopping tour, it is best to charter a boat for large groups and tour agencies like offers hassle-free booking and island tour packages, assuring you the best experience without hurting your budget.

Our first stop was at the Coral Garden and Marine Park. It's a famous stopover most especially for dive tours since the sanctuary underneath is beaming with marine life. I already went diving here twice so I just took time to snorkel and play with the crashing waves. Snorkels are available for rent but if you're keen, don't forget to bring your own. Underwater cameras are also a must!

Just when I thought I've seen almost all places in Samal Island, I was proven wrong when this island hopping experience brought me to Isla Reta 2. It's an unspoilt part of Talikud Island but the boats parked there for lunch simply showed that it's one of the common stopovers for lunch during island tours. 

One can never go hungry while enjoying the scenery as food and drinks, such as snacks and lunch, were served on board and prepared by the boat crew. Everything has already been set and laid-out. Indeed, all you have to worry about before getting on this island hopping trip was just how to make the best out of your experience.

The final destination of this island hopping tour was the Wishing Island. A little bit of effort is required since the view of the Davao Gulf is better when seen from the top of the island. I was also surprised to discover the statue of Mama Mary on top of the island. People were told to say a wish, but I was more ready with my prayers. Mama Mary, pray for us!

Of course, even good things come to an end. After our quick stopover at the Wishing Island, it was time for us to go back to Davao. It was roughly around 20-30 minutes of cruising under the afternoon sun so some spent the time feasting on the food left during our lunch while other just enjoyed taking photos or having a short nap. Even if the trip was short, it was definitely fun-filled and sweet after having spent time with old and new friends who share the same love for blogging and the sea as much as I do.

Once again, special thanks to Kaiser of for organizing this trip and making sure that it's entirely fuss-free and one for the books. Until next time!

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