2015: A Year of Discovery and Growth


With all the things that happened in my 2015, who would have thought that I could come out of it alive? Kidding aside, such year was a whirlwind, but I’m grateful that in the end of it all, I am more than ready to face what lies ahead of me in 2016.

I welcomed the year 2015 with much optimism, thinking that with this kind of attitude, all things would be in my favor and would work according to what I had planned. But then, God has another plan - His best one - and He was clever enough to teach me a lot of things in ways that I didn’t expect.

He wanted me to surrender everything to Him, even if my stubborn self was still bargaining for that one thing which I thought was an answered prayer. Little did I know, that was an initial step in order for His divine plan to happen, and months after this surrender, I came to finally grasp the truth that all things work out for the good of those who put their trust in Him.

What happened to me this year led me to humbly discover more of myself – my strengths, my weaknesses, my potentials, my inhibitions – as I embraced more opportunities like traveling to places just to search for a comforting refuge from all the hurt and pain. I kept myself busy and preoccupied with a multitude of interests in order to consume my attention.  But I guess, I can only do so much, and all roads still led me back to Him. 

El Nido, March 2015 (#2015bestnine in Instagram)
Eden Nature Park, April 2015
Cebu, July 2015
Badian, Cebu, July 2015
I came to experience even more of His love in the beauty of the places I’ve been to this year, manifested in the colors of the various sunsets that welcomed and bid me goodbye, the luscious foliage on the mountains, the different shades of the seas, the warmth and the laughter of the company, the conversations that all these places heard but never spoken of. I experienced His goodness and abundant provision in the adventures I had, regardless whether planned or spontaneous, every single thing brought joy to fill in the deepest voids in my heart.

And to that, I am really thankful. 
Cape San Agustin, May 2015
Cateel, Davao Oriental, June 2015
Zambales, October 2015
I am thankful that these challenges were actually blessings in disguise and through it all came out a woman who I believe is wiser, more faithful and more rooted in God’s love. I am thankful that these trials were actually opportunities for me to test my endurance and sharpen my character. I am thankful that these stumbling blocks were actually a way for me to reflect to others God’s work in me. I am thankful for the unanswered prayers which paved the way to all the more put my trust in Him to fulfill His promises and to be patient enough to wait for His perfect timing. I am thankful that all of the things that happened to me this year made me grow more and more into the person that God has planned me to be and more equipped for the things that the coming year has in store for me.

2015 has been the best year of my life so far. And as it finally comes to an end, I embrace a new year with this certain truth: with God with me, it can only get better.


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  1. It is always amazing to look back on the year and realize how much we have grown, changed, and learned! Loved this post.

  2. Your 2015 is my 2014, actually. Cheers!

    1. Hahahaha! Yun ba yung shinare mo? Awwww! Cheers! :)

  3. Happy new year Cham! God knows the desires of your heart! :)


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