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Every time people find out that I am working as a professional nurse, the most usual question that follows after revolves around any future plans of relocating or working abroad. I guess that's what they usually expect from most nurses here in the Philippines - to take root in greener pastures by working abroad, but oblivious to many, I want to achieve another degree in another country instead. I'm just crossing fingers for that perfect time to come.

Achieving another degree from a prestigious university abroad will definitely give you an edge in life. Not only will it make you land on your dream job, but with perseverance, competence and determination, it surely will take you places. Also, as far as academics and professional career are concerned, studying abroad offers a unique opportunity to discover yourself and grow as an individual, all while gaining an understanding of a bigger world around you. Immersing yourself in a new language, a new culture, and a tradition that’s poles apart from your own, imparts valuable learnings that are beyond what any classroom can offer.

There’s nothing like spreading your wings and expanding your horizon to gain a wider, valuable new outlook. It allows you to have a broader and richer perspective of the world you live in, which in turn equips you with the ability to adapt to, and deal with, diverse situations—an important ingredient to success.

However, studying abroad is not an easy feat. There are various things that you need to know and understand, and processes that you must exhaust before such dream comes into fruition. 

To help interested students jumpstart their global education, IDP Philippines present Flight IDP: Study Abroad Expo 2015, which will take place in three different locations:

IDP Philippines has already paved the way for students to earn a degree abroad. Take note for example this story of Maria Ara Garcia.

A young lawyer who recently graduated from the UP College of Law, Maria Ara Garcia wanted to continue her studies and pursue a Masters in environmental law abroad. Making this decision was one thing; getting herself into a program at her chosen university is a completely different story.

Armed with a strong determination to make her dream happen, Garcia sought the help of IDP Philippines, one of the leading providers of global education services and IELTS exams in the country. It was through her cousin who was also successfully placed by the organization at a university abroad that she found out about its services, and she couldn’t be more grateful that she was introduced. “IDP guided me through every step of the way, from the university application to the accomplishment of my student visa requirements. They provided me with everything I needed to know and answered all my questions,” says Garcia. “It was also a major factor how they were very easy to get in touch with, and would reply almost immediately through email, text, or phone call. And they help you out for free, unlike other student placement agencies who charge fees for their services. All these really made the application process a lot more convenient.”

Garcia, who has always dreamt of living in New Zealand, is now studying at the University of Auckland, which is home to one of the best Environmental Law programs in the Asia-Pacific region. “I have just finished a semi-intensive class called Mining and Natural Resources Law. The course was taught by a very prominent lawyer and widely-published author specialising in environmental law. Last month, we went on a field trip to the gold mines and wind farms in Northern Auckland. It was a very enjoyable and educational trip and I am very thankful to have been part of it,” she shares excitedly.

Garcia adds: “I have learned a lot about the environmental laws in New Zealand and I have gotten to know the culture of my new home and gained friends of various nationalities in the process. I’m so glad I found out about IDP who provided me with the aid that I needed in my application process and helped make a way for me to fulfill my dreams.”

To hear more stories and learn more about studying abroad, IDP is providing free counseling and seminar to students who are interested. 

To register, go to or contact the IDP offices at (02) 8160755 loc 116 (Manila) and (032) 2362758 (Cebu). Students may bring their valid passport, IELTS results (if available), and Transcript of Records.  Admission is free, so go now, register online, join the expo, and find out what the future holds for you.

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