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Oh hello summer!

Pardon me for being out in the blog lately. It’s summer here in the Philippines and with a very great weather, who would not want to be always out in the sun? Definitely, not me.

A lot of people welcome the awesome summer weather with much enthusiasm and gusto that they dedicate months of prepping up to bring out that summer body. But with the problem in change in size also comes with a change in wardrobe. Well, after losing almost 8lbs for this year, I just realized that such problem could exist.

If you’re with me in this issue, then probably the first thing that comes into your mind is to opt for a wardrobe change. I recently stumbled upon this website,, one of the leading wholesale clothing stores in the United Kingdom, which really offers a good selection of clothing in bulk orders at a fraction of a cost compared to buying clothes individually. If you want to save on shipping prices, especially when buying online, then buying products on wholesale is one option to consider. 

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