Prom Night Tip: Dare to Go Black


Working in a school for the past 7 years, I have always received invitations to attend Prom Nights. One thing unique about our school prom is that every year, it follows a different theme. While it may be considered as one of the momentous events in a life of a high school student, the road to having a prom night you always imagine isn’t just a walk in the park. Together with juggling your academic requirements and school works, you have to set aside time and put in tremendous effort in preparing for this one special night.

Of course, everybody wants to look their best on this occasion. Simply putting it in, preparation is a key ingredient and one of the most important things to prepare for a prom night is the dress. Ideally, preparation time must be at least a month before so that leaves you ample time to think of a concept of how you want to look like on your prom night.

I know a lot of high school girls would opt for pastels and vibrant colors to wear on their prom night but sometimes going against the norm sets you apart from the rest. If you’re thinking of deviating from the usual pastel stuff, then why not try to go black? Much has been said about black prom dresses, but given the right style, cut and trend, these black prom dresses always never fail to make a glam statement.

Contrary to popular belief that black can be dull and boring, finding the right style that suits you makes you looking polished and elegant. Online stores, like Pickedress, carry various trends and styles of fashionable yet affordable black dresses to choose from without leaving the comforts of your home.

Look chic, fashionable and sophisticated in your prom night by rocking a black dress!

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