5 Reasons To Go Short On Your Wedding Day


Finding the perfect wedding dress is like finding “The One”. Even though searching for the perfect wedding dress can be an exciting adventure, the fact still remains that it can also be stress-inducing and tedious as well. Traditional brides often opt for the full-length with all the long trains and laces, but if you are the kind of bride who is bold enough to step away from the typical bridal look, then consider short wedding dresses as an option to wear on your big day.

If you’re more of the happy-go-lucky, trendy type of bride, then you may consider wearing a short wedding dress. You know when it’s right for you when it matches your personality. The wedding day is such a momentous event between you and your significant other that it is not the time to experiment or try something you are not, otherwise your comfort will be compromised.

If you’re still not convinced to go short, these following reasons for choosing a short wedding dress may come in handy.
  • It is often less expensive than a long wedding dress. Less fabric often equates less cost. You can save a sum of money and use it to by other wedding essentials instead.
  • It is more comfortable and flexible. With all the hustle and bustle of the occasion, comfort is a necessity on your wedding day. Wearing a short dress makes it easier for you to maneuver through all the activities planned during the day.
  • You can get to show off your legs. If your legs are one of your most beautiful attributes, then it’s time to flaunt what you got.
  • You can wear the dress again. Having a short wedding dress style on your wedding day makes it possible to wear the dress again.
  • If you’re getting married abroad or somewhere else, it’s more convenient to carry it.

Online stores, like Pickeddresses.com, carry a wide range of short wedding dresses that will fit your preference.

Whatever style you go for and as long as it makes you happy, wear a short wedding dress and be proud. Forget what other people think. After all, when it’s all over, you’ll be happier to know that you have made one person really happy, which is no other than yourself. 

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