#TeamSingle No More


Do you believe in horoscopes? The kind of horoscopes you read in the malls when it's Chinese New Year? 

I don't. But a few coincidences in the past, like how it predicted my break-up last year and so on and so forth, we're actually a bit convincing that there's some grain of truth in it. And you know what excites me more? Early this year, my horoscope predicted that I'll be in a relationship or going for marriage this year. Sounds too good to be true but who wouldn't be anticipating that? After all, nothing is impossible.

I shrugged the idea of this prediction off my mind and went on with my not-so-mundane life but realizing that there's only a few months left before saying adieu to 2014 made me rethink, am I really going to be in a relationship within this year?  

It was only then that I begin to realize that I was already "in a relationship" when I attended one prayer meeting of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon, my new Catholic community. I've been joining activities of Lingkod Davao since June, attended their Crossroads retreat, and offered 6 Sundays for their Fuse 2014: Christian Life Series Seminar last July-August until I made my commitment into being a member during the Lingkod weekend last August 24-25, 2014. 

Like how any other relationships come into fruition, this relationship with the Lord also went through a chase.  When God wants something to happen in your life, He uses His people to make it happen. Who would have thought that someone who I just met during one crossfit session, on that day that I first went to the gym alone, would actually introduce me to a bigger family? All the while I thought my interaction with Ces would just end at the gym, but she made several attempts of inviting me to the activities of Lingkod, to which I initially declined. Not only that, I postponed attending activities after being invited by my own co-worker Krishna until such time that I was too ashamed to decline one more time that I finally gave it a try. You see, there was really a chase.

I have never seen such a community as warm and welcoming as how the brothers and sisters did it during my first interaction with Lingkod Davao. I was treated like they already knew me for a long time, thus I was encouraged more to attend the Crossroads retreat. It was during this retreat that I felt a wake up call to open myself to God's invitation. I've learned that being a Catholic doesn't only entail going to church every Sunday or attending first Friday masses, nor praying and reading the scriptures, but it's more complete when we give a part of our selves to service and grow within a community. I admit that being the social butterfly that I am, I am contented with my social circles but during that time I realized that I still lack the circle of friends who would support and help me to grow spiritually, and I found the answer to such need through my brothers and sisters in Lingkod Davao. 

The courtship continued during the Fuse 2014, which is the Christian Life Series Seminar. It was a 6-week seminar wherein talks of different topics relating to the enhancement of Christian life were given every Sunday morning. That time, I was like a teenage girl being wooed - I had doubts in myself whether I was ready to commit or was my intention already enough to make a lifetime commitment to being an obedient Christian. There were even struggles, obstacles and harassment thrown before my way but I guess when it's God's will to welcome you into a relationship with Him, nothing can come in between. And so during the Lingkod Weekend, the culminating activity of the CLS, I said YES to a relationship with Him.

From what used to be a relationship similar to friendship with the Lord has now taken up a higher level with my commitment to Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon. Having said YES was only just the beginning but I do believe that with the help and support of my brothers and sisters in the community, I look forward with joy and excitement to enhancing my growth as a Christian and to serving the Lord in any way I can for the rest of my life. With all the blessings I've been receiving all my life, now is the time to start giving back and working for the Lord. 

Sisters in Lingkod Davao
Newly-committed brothers and sisters

Lingkod Davao
God's interventions were really amazing such that this prediction came into a reality without me knowing it. All the circumstances were stringed as if it was delicately planned. So far and as always, I am thankful to the Lord for giving me the best relationship ever - a relationship built on trust, faithfulness and honesty that no other relationship I had in the past can compare. 

Maybe it wasn't the horoscope at all but God's will for all these things to happen. Indeed, #TeamSingle no more with God's love and presence in our lives. 

Thank you to my brothers and sisters in Lingkod Davao for the photos.

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  1. :) I've also had the same (but not exactly similar) experience. God's power is really amazing. :) Have a wonderful day!

  2. been attending church lately and it made me walk around with lesser if not totally no more excess baggage, but like everyone else, everything is a work in progress and same with me i hope you continue on with your joyful path to peace of mind and happiness.

  3. Go Chamee! I'm so happy you have decided to stop running away and accept this new relationship. It's not going to be hassle-free or problem-free, but it's going to be a whole lot better. God bless you, Cham. :)


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