Top Picks: Homecoming Dresses 2013


The annual tradition of homecoming is now fast approaching. Don't you think it’s already the perfect time to blast off the fashion hunt for the perfect  dress to wear on such a special event? The homecoming is not just an ordinary occasion,  therefore one should really put in a little effort to look dashing and extraordinary to make this night more memorable. In fact, you no longer need to stress yourself out on a fashion hunt because in these digital age, there are a lot of homecoming dresses available online that are style-worthy, elegant and perfect for your fashion need. In fact, to make things a little easier for you, I rounded up a series of fabulous homecoming dresses I stumbled upon browsing on DressFirst that will surely make you captivate the party crowd on your much-awaited homecoming night.

In whatever occasion, the little black dress is the safest way to dress up to the nines. Either with flamboyant or minimal accessories, you are sure to grab some attention with these gorgeous black dresses.


Next to the little black dress, I find the shades of blue very elegant and classy when worn on special events. These lovely styles below bring out the sophistication in you.


Who says white dresses are for daytime events only? With these gorgeous styles, you’ll definitely make people stop and stare as if they have seen a goddess come alive.

Attractive shades of pinks and plums can truly bring out the feminine side. It can make you look sweet, chic, and bold at the same time.

So there you go, these are my top picks for homecoming dresses for 2013. Which among these are your favorites?

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  1. I vote the top right one, with the different one-shoulder strap. Just the right amount of glitter and poof, unique but not over-the-top!


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