Makeup Colors That Complement Your Complexion


Every girl loves to look gorgeous and beautiful. Working and aging women are also very conscious about their looks. However, many women and girls find it very difficult to take out time to pamper their skin. While, taking good care of your skin is the best way to look good, there are many other cosmetic techniques to make you look young and pretty.

Permanent makeup can make you look stunning and distinct amidst the crowd. With permanent makeup, you look gorgeous all the time without having to retouch your makeup at all. Still, a lot depends on your choice of makeup colors for permanent makeup.


The procedure
Permanent makeup involves the use of micropigmentation machines having micro needles that puncture the skin on your face. Your face might become swollen and reddish for some time. These needles deposit the colors beneath your skin, eyebrows or lips to enrich your complexion and sharpen your features. These needles are sterilized and designed with great precision.

Colors that suit your complexion
When you go for permanent makeup, professional makeup experts can assist you in selecting the right makeup colors that best suit your skin tone. There are multiple skin colors but there are essentially only two kinds of skin tone that you need to be aware of - warm skin tone and cool skin tone.

First, the color of your foundation should be according to your skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, you should go for foundations with pink or blue undertones. On the other hand, if your skin tone is warm you can go for foundations with yellowish undertone.

Dark skinned women should choose plum, bronze or burnt-orange shades for blush. If your skin color is olive then you will look good in brown or copper shades. If you have fair complexion, then you should try shades of pink, beige, sky blue, or silver.

Accordingly, you should select colors for your lips and eye makeup that match your skin tone. Fair complexioned women should use brownish shade for eye shadow and mascara.

Makeup colors vary with fashion and time. The most popular color in fashion may not suit your complexion at all. You must be careful while selecting the colors for permanent makeup because once it is done; it will last for a long time before you can get it changed. Permanent makeup is very delicate and largely irreversible. You must consult an expert before you select makeup colors.

About the Author: Anna-Mae is a girl who is trying to stay as young looking as possible through the use of new cosmetic techniques!

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  1. I definitely agree that one of the most important aspects of makeup is finding colours that complement your skin tone. It's quite hard to get right but it involves a lot of experimentation, trial and error - I know I've convinced myself that I really like a certain product that in reality, just doesn't complement my colouring.


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