Law of Attraction: It Really Works!


Disclaimer: This post was initially drafted March 11, 2013, a few days before I knew that I won's contest. A part of the book I'm reading says to declare that you have receive the things you want to attract in your life and believe that it's all yours. So what I did was to draft this post and include the things I want to attract at the end of this post. The next thing I knew, all of the things I listed down were being given to me one at a time. Even though these things were not all given to me at once, I am truly thankful that the law of attraction works on me every single time I practice it in my life. 

For the past few weeks, I have been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I have heard a lot of raves about this book, even years ago, but it totally gave me a different perspective on things when I was finally able to finish it. If I'm going to list the books which I could say which changed my life and the way I look at it, then this book tops my list.

However, after reading the book, I skimmed my life on moments that The Secret worked for me. Most of the time, I unknowingly send a message to the universe about what I want to happen in my life. Most of the time, things really do happen when I use my mind and my heart to attract.

Since I already knew a little about The Secret even before I read it, I applied it on some aspects on my life. True enough, I have achieved what I attract. You might think it's a matter of coincidence but for me, it's the Universe manifesting on me.

Here are just some examples that the law of attraction really works.

Ever since 2010, I wanted to have a Blackberry phone. However, I couldn't afford splurging on one because I still have to invest my savings for my education. God knows how badly I want to have a BB so when I stumble upon Cheyser Pedregosa's post that she's giving away a BB 9220 for her birthday giveaway, I immediately knew this is one major opportunity I shouldn't miss. So I thought of tweaking my entry in a creative way, trusted that the judges will going to like it and indeed, they did! During the time that I was waiting for the announcement, I always say a lot how I wanted to win this phone. I attracted this prize with all feelings and emotions that I ended up really winning this prize.

Coincidence, you think? Here's another one.

My love for make-up and other products related to beauty made me start this blog. When I read on Julz' blog that she's giving a free slot to Jean Ong's make-up workshop, by all means I entered here raffle even though I knew I am not lucky with raffles.However, I kept on telling myself that I will win this free slot to the point of even clearing my schedule to give way for the make-up workshop even though the winner was not yet announced. That's how positive I was - I attracted it, achieved it and learned a lot from this make-up workshop.

3. Winning a pair of Benetton perfumes in Let's Move, Let's Love contest (December 2012)

I totally forgot about this contest not until I was notified that I was one of the winners. All I knew was that I submitted an entry out of a collection of old Danbo photos and submitted it to Nuffnang. After a few months, I got notified that I won. How did I attract it? I imagine winning and seeing my name every time I visit the Nuffnang blog page while waiting for their contest announcements.

4. Winning a trip to Boracay sponsored by Bel-Air (January 2013)

I always wanted to go to Boracay so I really did spent a lot of sleepless nights coming up with an entry for this contest. While waiting for the announcement of winners, I confidently kept on repeating that Bel-Air will fly me to Boracay and indeed, it came true!

5. Winning P15k shopping spree from Fresh (February 2013)

There was some sort of epiphany which occurred to me while writing down my contest entry. I was thinking of ways that I can tweak the press release they shared (as instructed in the mechanics) and then suddenly, I heard the song Domino by Jesse J which inspired me to write about feeling sexy by smelling sexy with FReSH Fragrance Bar. I'm glad it tickled the hearts of the judges and chose this entry to take home a lot of perfumes from FReSH.

****** This part was edited on June 27, 2013.******

6. Winning P50k GCs (March 2013) 

Just when I thought that trials never seem to end coming into my life, God made a way to drop a little bit of sunshine. Actually, a little bit of sunshine is clearly an understatement, but the entire sun came back in my life, all credits  to His glory. God may have taken away something good away from me (temporarily), but He gave something better in return. My entry for's contest was chosen to take home Php 50000 worth of gift certificate from Sodexo which I can use in all SM branches and partner retail outlets. This best birthday gift plus a whole lot more are giving me a million reasons to thank Him more!

7. Winning Php 3000 from the Adidas contest (April 2013)

This was the last blog contest I joined so far. The funny thing was, the first gift certificate sent to me was that of the first prize winner's, the Php 5000 GC. So I had to send it back to Nuffnang again so that the real winner can use it. I was never expecting to win this but the blessings kept on pouring overwhelmingly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

These are just a few of the things I did not expect to really happen in my life. I still have a lot of things and instances where law of attraction worked on me but I chose to no longer share about it or this post may not end. It's up to you if you get convinced or not with the things I've shared here but one thing I know is true - the law of attraction always works if you ask, believe and receive. Wonderful things have happened in my life since I started to ask for things, to believe that these are intended for me, and to act as if I am receiving them with a joyful and grateful heart. Positive things will always happen if you think of them and the negative things will also come to life if you give them your focus and attention. Choose wisely where to set your focus because what you focus on eventually grows. So choose to be positive all the time and let the Universe amaze you with His wonders.

Believe and you shall receive. Start achieving your goals now with the law of attraction.

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  1. I totally believe in the power of attraction. It is so important to make your intentions and hopes known to the universe. Let them go and they will usually come back to you!

  2. Hi charmeee.... rhex here and i like your law of attraction thing.. a iknow about this idea long before you started winning your great stuff but i just dont have faith in it... let me try it this time.... thanks for you post.


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