5 Gifts to Impress Your Man


It is not easy to find the perfect gift to give your better half yet you need to choose the best on the market. This is because a gift usually makes your man regard you differently. Therefore you need to choose wisely.

Men are not hard to please, because they do not have complicated needs. Therefore, getting a gift for your man may not be that hard. The bottom line is that you have to get something that will make the special man in your life happy. There are several items that have wide appeal for men of all ages and personalities. Let us look at them.


Men love electronic gadgets, whether electronic or manual. You cannot enter any man’s house and fail to find a gadget of some sort in it. Ranging from television sets, music systems, computers, video games, Swiss army knives and more, you will most definitely find a man who loves one of this. Men don’t only love the gadgets; they love the latest versions of each item. To make your man happy, do some research and find out the gadget that makes him happy. Then get an accessory that complements it or get a better version than what he has. You will have. Some of the top gadgets you can use include:
•    Portable DVD player for travelling
•    Swiss army knife
•    Creative Labs nomad II Digital Player
•    The Winemaster Corkscrew

Men love gadgets, include them in your “to give” list. These are just examples of some of the gadgets you can get for your man to make his day.

Wrist watch
Men love wristwatches. This is because they represent both a fashion statement as well as a useful tool especially when they are professionals who love keeping time. With advances in technology, watches nowadays come with advanced features which include illumination, alarms, trackers and GPS. You can impress your man by getting him a watch that will serve his interests. For example, you can get an executive watch for your working boyfriend or get a sporty one if he likes going for biking or hiking. One example of a sports watch is Nike’s Triax 50 that goes for $99. You can pick this especially if your man is the sporty kind.


The good thing with wristwatches is that they come in a variety of styles and shapes. You can get watches ranging from leather watches to gold watches, unique watches to sporty watches to pick for your man. These watches add a spice to your man’s fashion as well as make them look chic. Most of the watches are absolutely gorgeous and come in a wide range of colors and styles.

A watch is a good idea for a gift. Make your man get surprised by offering a unique and customized watch that will take a special place in your man’s heart. There are watches out there that don’t need batteries for them to work there are some that are scratch resistant as well as water resistant. Getting a watch for your man is one of the fancy ideas for your man.

Men love being in the outdoors. You will find them hiking, mountain climbing, rafting or just driving leisurely around the town. The lifestyle that men lead makes sunglasses an ideal gift for men. There are several sunglasses you can pick for your man, but you need to be careful so that you get a pair that will suit them. The most important thing you need to put in mind is that the gift needs to be based on what your man loves doing. You can also check out the types of shades the man already has to get an idea of what they love. Additionally, you need to know the shape of your man’s face to get an idea of the sunglasses to pick.

Sunglasses have also come a long way and at the moment, there are a lot of advanced features that come with them. For example, you can get aviator sunglasses that come with interchangeable lenses, which means your man gets a gift that comes three in one. The glasses come with different frames and lenses that are resistant to corrosion as well as being hypoallergenic.

You can also choose a pair of sunglasses that provides UV protection. This will help protect your man from the damaging rays of the sun when he is out having fun. A pair of Ray Ban Aviator large metal sunglasses goes for $99 on Amazon. This may be all it takes to make your man happy.

Is your man the sporty type or does he love a particular musician? Tickets to a favorite game or a concert may be one of the best gifts you can give to a man. The tickets may not be easy to get, but the effect will be worthy your investment in terms of money and time. If your man loves the Blue Man Group, then know when the group will be in town and make sure you have a pair of tickets for the both of you.


Get your man tickets to his favorite sport. Before you get the tickets, you need to take time and know that your man enjoys doing. This will make sure you make the day memorable for your boyfriend. To make the tickets more relevant and have the best effect, get the ones that will give your man the best experience ever. If it is for a concert, go for the VIP tickets, and front row seats for a basketball game.


What about air tickets to your man’s favorite holiday destination? If your man enjoys the sunny beaches of Hawaii, then sponsor him for a holiday there. This will depend on the money you have and the time he has on his hands.

Branded Cologne
Every woman loves to have a man that smells nice. There are thousands of colognes you can choose from to give to your man as a gift. You can impress by getting a bottle of branded cologne of his favorite scent. There are various sources you can go to and get branded cologne for your man, some of them online such as Cologne for Men.us among others and even those located near you.


Melissa Roberts is a mother of two lovely children who likes writing about gifts in her free time. She has written several articles for fashion shops.

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