Review: Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Cleansing Bar


When I was invited to the Human Heart Nature Magalogue Turn-over last November, I got enlightened with the goodness of organic products from Human Nature that I can't wait to try their products, most especially the ones that they newly launched. Thanks to Swexie of Trendsetters Fashion Boutique, I went home with a Christmas bundle that night, and one of the things included is the Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Cleansing Bar.

Product Description from Human Nature:

Why go for soaps that leave chemical traces on your skin and the environment? Choose only the good!  Our 100% Natural Cleansing Bar harnesses nature’s goodness to wash away the day’s dirt and grime while leaving your skin feeling cleanfresh and moisturized. And because it’s  fragrance-free, your skin is left clean and clear from all synthetic irritants found in chemical soaps.
Our cleansing bar is cold-processed, which means that it takes more time to make than your usual chemical soaps, which are hot-processed. Hot-processing removes the naturally hydrating glycerin in soap, which is often replaced afterward with synthetic fillers and harmful additives that leave the skin dry and dull after bathing. Cold-processing, on the other hand, produces high-quality soap that retains beneficial natural glycerin which keeps skin soft and hydrated. As a bonus, cold-processing consumes less energy and produces less waste - so it's not only skin-friendly, but eco-friendly as well!

I like this product because:
* It is fragrance-free thereby assuring us that no artificial chemicals were used.
* It does not leave any white residue on the skin.
* It lathers well and can be easily rinsed off.
* It is not artificially- colored.
* It leaves my skin soft and supple after use.
* It doesn't dry my skin.
* It doesn't irritate my eyes.
* It is inexpensive at a price of P64.75 per bar.

It would have been better if:
* It does not dissolve easily. Sadly, this cleansing bar only lasts for a week with continued use.
* This product was wrapped in plastic before placed inside the box.
* Human Nature will produce other variants of this cleansing with whitening, anti-ageing or anti-acne properties.

Will I repurchase?
I am truly convinced with the mildness of this soap that I will repurchase this for my little nephew's consumption. Its delicate effect on the skin as a cleansing bar is safe for babies and kids plus the fact that it is not-irritating.

Have you tried this cleansing bar? What are your thoughts on this product?

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  1. I haven't tried this soap bar just yet but I am so going t checkout Human Nature's product! thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. I haven't tried this too! But i think this works pretty well :)Great review by the way. :)Following your blog now. Hoping you'll follow mine too :)

  3. I'm a fan of Human Heart Nature products but I still yet have to try this product. I'm using Oilatum for my daughter. There's a P100+ difference between the two soaps. Hmm.

  4. I use Human Nature products, from shampoo, soaps for my kiddos and detergent. I was excited to try this when they released it. All good, except for the melting part! :(


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