3rd Basic Personal Makeup Workshop with The MakeUp Specialists


I couldn't put into words how much I envied my Davao Blogger friends (read Sarah's entry here and Julz' entry here!) from having a personal make-up workshop with two of the best make-up artists from Davao City, Sir Noeh Jani and Sir Ryan Wong of The Makeup Specialists last November 2012. If only I didn't have a convention at that time, I would definitely not miss this kind of event. A few months after, these two talented make-up artists opened their doors again for their 3rd Batch of the Basic Personal Makeup Workshop held last January 19, 2013 at the Case Study Room of Davao Doctors College Hospitality Management Practicum Building wherein I was invited to take part of this superb and informative event. Thank God, the law of attraction worked again! 

I admit, I am an avid fan of make-up tutorials in blogs and in YouTube but trust me, even though you get tidbits of information from online sources, it's a really different thing when you're in a workshop. Not to mention, being in a workshop means hearing and seeing it straight plus getting all your makeup questions answered directly by the experts. Moreover, the bubbly personalities of Ryan and Noeh brought a comfortable atmosphere during the workshop, thus making learning on basic personal makeup application more interactive, fun and exciting. Not only was I able to discover more techniques and correct my mistakes in terms of makeup application, I definitely had a great time learning from Ryan and Noeh and meeting new friends who love makeup as well!

Of course, I can't manage to be selfish to my dear readers (thanks again for dropping by!) so I'm sharing with you some of the helpful tips I learned during this workshop:

1. Proper Hygiene - Before putting any makeup on, make sure that your hands are clean. It's also a must that you keep your make-up products and tools as dirt-free as possible. Clean and sanitize your brushes and sponges after every use. Remember, sharing is a big no-no when it comes to makeup tools. 

Sir Ryan showing us the techniques of cleaning makeup brushes.
2. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize - Every woman should know this by heart. A good makeup application starts with a great canvass so better be OC in taking care of your skin. Makeup also has its limitations so never ever take skin care for granted.

Sir Ryan demonstrating proper skin preparation.
3. Knowing your face shape - I was very much relieved to know that my face shape is still oval and not round, but I guess it's midway so I have to be careful with my diet now. Some makeup techniques, like applying blusher, contouring and shaping your brows, depend on the face shape so you really have to identify your correct face shape in order to emphasize your features.

What's your face shape? Can you guess what mine is?
4.Corrector, concealers and foundations - Finally, I got to understand the essence of these two - a corrector comes in a peach/pink tone and often used in correcting the darkness especially in the under-eye area while a concealer comes in a yellow tone is used to brighten and to give an area an instant lift. Finding the perfect shade of foundation can be tedious but having the perfect shade can do instant wonders that sometimes, all you just need is a good foundation for a flawless skin and great makeup result. Finally, I was able to discover that my correct foundation shade is between NC30 and NC35.

Checking on concealers and correctors
Sir Noeh showing us how to apply a corrector on under-eye circles.
Sir Ryan showing us how to swatch foundations to match the perfect shade of the skin and counteract redness.
Compare and contrast the left and right side. All you need is the most appropriate shade of foundation.
My most favorite part: hands-on during the workshop!
5. Doing the smokey eye - I always thought that this makeup look was the most difficult thing to do but thanks to Noeh and Ryan for changing my view on this. It was actually one of the easiest look to create - all you have to do is pack some color and blend... blend.. and  blend! Also, the smokey eye look can have different variations - you can have it in blue and brown just like what Ryan sampled on me. It takes a lot of practice though to create the perfect smokey eye so just be patient beauties!
Sir Ryan doing the smokey eye technique with (ehem!) me as the model.
See what a smokey eye make-up can do!
Two variations of smokey eye: blue and brown. Perfect for night and day.
6. The FAB FOUR LOOKS - The following will serve as a template for makeup application.


Of course, what I shared are just some of the techniques that I learned during the workshop. If you want to learn more from The Makeup Specialists, then I suggest you like their Facebook pages to get instant updates about their upcoming workshops. 

Schedule of  Basic Personal Makeup Workshops:
March 9, 2013
April 6, 2013
May 4, 2013

For registration and inquiries on workshops or booking them for your makeup needs, you may send them a PM on the following Facebook links above or call and text them on these numbers: 
0923.226.0517 / 0926.710.6956.

Below are more photos from the workshop:
Doing great gorgeous ladies!
My final make-up look! Of course, I had to take a snapshot!
The brilliant and talented makeup artists behind The Makeup Specialists: Sir Noeh Jani and Sir Ryan Wong
Thank you so much for inviting me to this workshop! I felt so blessed getting a lot of useful tips from the experts.

Batch 3 Group hug!

Once again, a million thanks to Sir Ryan and Sir Noeh for this wonderful experience! 

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  2. I always wanted to attend make-up workshop. Iba pa rin kasi talaga ang live demo. Yung si ate na may redness sa face, parang minagic lang ng nilagyan ng foundation. Very nice.

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  3. Hi Ms. Chamee, glad you made a detailed post about this. I was not able to take down notes during the seminar. New follower here!!!


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