Review: Schwarzkopf Got2B Kinkier Curling Spray Gel


Hello everyone! How's your week so far? 

Since I entered the digiperm bandwagon last March, I have been very concerned with my hair. What others say that curly hair needs low maintenance doesn't actually seem to work for me. I have to treat my hair every week, to scout for products which are truly made for curly hair and to search for the best curling product that can define my curls without drying them. More often than not, the great products I read on the internet are not locally available in department stores and if ever they are, some are old stocks already. Also, these products come in an expensive price which is quite impractical for a working student (yes, I am a working student!) like me.

Fortunately, I was able to stumble upon one good product that works on my curly hair. Introducing, the Schwarzkopf Got2B Kinkier Curling Spray Gel. I have actually tried and tested two bottles of this product before making this review - the first one was purchased at a local department store (Php 249.00 / about $6) and the other one was sent by my sister from Canada. 

I have tried and tested other products from Schwarzkopf before that I can attest that these are of good quality. However, I cannot maintain sticking to them since they are quite expensive. When I first saw this curling spray gel on display at a local department store, I immediately purchased it without  having second thoughts,  just the ambition of having shiny, bouncy and healthy-looking curls. I really wanted to achieve shiny bouncy curls that can last throughout the day considering that the hot weather here in the Philippines could really weigh the hair down. 

This product promises that its double curling power can produce shiny, bouncy and more defined curls with its glossifying nectar oils and curl boosting mineral salts. Just spray enough amount on damp hair and scrunch it. It can also be used on dry hair to revive the curls. 


- this spray gel comes in a less saturated consistency, almost similar to water, which doesn't feel sticky on hair and on hands.
- made my hair shinier 
-  curls are more defined even if not scrunched
- unscented 
- quite affordable (Php 249.00 or $6 for a 266ml bottle)
- packaging design is so feminine
- minimal amount is enough so this bottle can lasts for 3-6 months

- curl definition only lasts until 8 hours maximum
- too much product on hair can make the hair dry
- bulky packaging
- limited availability in the local market
- no significant effect on frizz

Will I repurchase?
If ever  this product will be on stock, it won't hurt to shed some pesos to purchase this again. As of the moment, the store where I first purchased it has not yet restocked.

Have you tried this product? What curling gel are you using?
Don't be shy to share in the comment box below. Talk to you soon. 

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  1. I use this too from time to time and it works pretty well with my hair :-) Following you now via GFC, if you get time feel free to check out my blog as well :-)

    have a great day!

    xoxo Keke


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