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As of the moment I am writing this, the other side of my brain is also thinking what to write in my thesis proposal. As much as I want to blog more often, I can not because  I have to focus on my thesis. But I promise, I'll still try to update you every now and then.

 I just want to share that I am now officially enrolled on the third semester of my residency at the University of the Philippines Open University, and currently working my way to getting an MA in Nursing degree. (Life is hard, and I made it harder. Just kidding!)

UP Open University entails a non-traditional mode of education. We do have a classroom but it's the Moodle - our virtual classroom. We do have professors too, but we don't meet them face to face until our scheduled practicum day at the Philippine General Hospital. We have classmates too, who are dispersed all throughout the parts of the globe, and we talked to each other through YM, Facebook and on Twitter. At the beginning of the semester, we have our modules sent to us, and all the assignments and tasks are given at once including the schedule when to comply them. We do have enrollment periods too but unlike other schools, everything is done online through the UPOU Online Registration System (ORS) in just a matter of minutes.

When I started with UPOU, I used to allocate half of my working day for enrollment. But now, with the help of the ORS, everything is settled in just a click. No need to wait in the banks or rush to the learning centers. Aside from that, ORS also has an added feature that we can view our grades online just by logging in using our accounts. 

Does online education sound pretty easy to you? That was what I first thought it would be but it turned out to be a whole lot different and way more challenging than the traditional set-up. 

So please wish me luck! I'll talk to you soon. 

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  1. Waw astig level-up. Hehe. Congrats maam, good luck na din. Ako ayoko na ng thesis kaya oks na sakin yung bachelor's. XO

    * Pareng Jay was here


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