Review: Botanical Choice Nourishing Repair Hair Mask by Purederm


Wouldn't it be nice if we could always wake up to gorgeous fuss-free hair?

I honestly admit that I am quite obsessive-compulsive (and at the same time fickle-minded too) with my hair that my mane has undergone lots of torture ever since salon treatments were introduced into my mind. As far as I can remember, I started having hair treatments almost 10 years ago and from what started out as a biannual tradition has become a regular monthly habit. I started having my hair glossed (when it was popular) and has started subjecting my hair to rebonding 5 years ago when I could already afford it. Ever since then, I had annual rebonding treatments to maintain that gorgeous salon-straight hair and just last March, I had my first digital perm session because I badly want those flirty curly waves. See how fickle-minded I am! Not to mention, I change my hair color every 2-3 months just because I'm getting tired of  my jet-black hair until I grew accustomed to different shades of brown. If only my hair could complain, I could have gotten a bitch slap on my face!

Because of all the tortures my crowning glory has gone through, the ends have become dried and brittle that I  thought of embarking in a quest to bring back my healthy hair. Even though it might be impossible, I started to try out different home treatments to bring back the life in it. One of the recent products I've tried is the Botanical Choice Nourishing Repair Hair Mask by Purederm.

This hair treatment is for damaged, frizzy or curly hair. I admit I am kind of hesitant to try out products which are not mainly for curly hair because of the fear of losing my curls as some of the products available in the country are mainly for straightening the hair. This product is made in Korea.

It has a creamy consistency which is not difficult to spread through hair. The scent of chamomile might come too strong at first but eventually, the scent slightly diminishes into a relaxing one. One sachet is enough to cover my long curly hair.


 What I like:
 - added an extra shine to my hair
-made my hair softer and bouncer
 - reduced dryness especially on the ends of my hair
- calming scent of chamomile 
- inexpensive at a price of P79.00 per sachet of hair mask
- not sticky on my hair

What I don't like:
- does not have a significant change on my hair in terms of reducing frizz

Additional Tips:
Leave on for a few more minutes depending on the porosity of hair.
Apply conditioner after using the hair mask to make it more softer.
Rinse thoroughly to avoid product build-up.

Will I repurchase?
Not now. I have yet to try other hair treatments. 

Have you also tried using this hair mask? What do you think? 

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  4. I got myself addicted to hair spa. masama ba yun?

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  5. Oh I am so into Korean stuff.Natural Radiance is the company behind this. They sent me some facial masks for review months ago and I've got concern how strong their products are.

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