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Since I cannot usually update my outfit posts from time to time as I can only get the chance to dress up on weekends because of the nature of my work, I thought of creating a new feature in my blog which still reflects my love for fashion. Every week (I'll try as hard as I can to make it every week!), I will be choosing one closet staple -it may be anything in the wardrobe - and create different looks out of it. Since I'm the kind of girl who mixes and matches clothes most of the time, I'll be sharing to you different possibilities of  creating outfit combinations to bring out the fashionista in you without having to buy too many clothes!

So for this week, one of the closet staples every woman should have is the white button-down shirt.   One can never go wrong with this classic piece as it can be styled in a lot of ways. Here are the following combinations I came up with featuring the white button-down shirt.

First up is the Corporate Woman. One can never go wrong wearing a white button-down shirt to work, meetings and corporate events. Not only that it fits the dress code every company has but this classic piece truly defines elegance when paired up with the right accessories. One tip: keep the accessories to a minimum as possible as one would not like to be seen looking like a Christmas tree when you're bound in a corporate world. Additional tip: stick to a theme in choosing your accessories.

Now if you're off to a casual movie date with friends or your beau on an afternoon, don on a white button-down shirt and pair it up with chic accessories that would make it look casual.

Turn up the vibe as you party on with this versatile piece. Match up this classic with a pair of stunning shorts or skirts, and hop into your heels as you party the night one. I know you don't want to look under-dressed on a glam night, so doll yourself up with right make-up to further accentuate your style.

 You can also use this classic piece as a beach cover up. Pair it up with a colorful bandeau, bikini, skimpy shorts or daisy dukes, and you'll surely turn heads on you as you enjoy a day in the beach.

* * * *

I hope I was able to help you with ways to wear the classic white-button down shirt. I am no style guru, not even  close enough to being one, but I do believe in the versatility and elegance of this classic piece making it a wonderful staple in every woman's closet.

What do you think of my new feature? Do you own a white button-down shirt? How do you style it? Let me know your thoughts! Until then on my next closet staple feature.

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  1. Fabulous collections! I liked the "chic movie fan" outfit. ^-^


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  4. Love the clothes! Especially the makeup! Found you through blogaholics. Added you in my links btw :)

  5. that yellow bag really adds the right amount of punch!

    p.s. i just found your blog through the wonderful wednesday weekly link party and am totes following you now. :)

    dash dot dotty


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