I consider myself a self-proclaimed shoe lust and recently I just started building my dream collection of shoes - heels, wedges, platforms and my all-time favorite flats. I'm still miles away from reality since I am not someone who can just splurge for shoes considering that I still have many priorities to spend for. I always make it sure too that if I buy them, I'll wear them - not just once or twice but for a hundred of times. That's why, choosing the right shoes to add up in my collection is necessary and usually takes days or months of browsing over the internet and window-shopping. In addition to that, I always live up to my principle of choosing comfort over aesthetic value. But in cases where I can't resist the aesthetics of a pair of shoe, I must have to make it pretty sure that it's going to be worth spending for.

Let me just share to you some pairs that I am currently lusting for:

First two photos taken from LULU SWING

HOPE Platform Heeled Sandals from ASOS
Dunham Blue flats from Michael Antonio (I don't know if this style's locally available here in the Philippines.)
Red flats from Cole Vintage
Yaay! One of my faves! Teal sandals from Cole Vintage. Should I buy this one?

Been eyeing on this for a while now! Suede Mary Jane Pumps from Asian Vogue
Asian Fashion shoes
Rose Red Wedges from Sheinside

These are just some of my current picks. I do not yet own any of them. Maybe someday! 
I'll be posting more shoes if ever I come across another lovely pairs and share it to you my dear readers.

Which among these gorgeous footsies is your bet? 

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  1. They're all pretty!

    I'm on a bit of a shoe craze myself : just posted a haul post tonight featuring 3 pairs of new shoes!
    It's good to meet another shoe lover!

    Hop over and take a look if you like :)

    Great blog, honey!

    1. I, myself, don't know which one to purchase first. I've seen your haul too. They're amazing!

  2. Woow, I want them all! I love the one but last pair a loooot! Amazing colours!

    XO, Imke

  3. fabulous shoes! great picks

    1. ooh.. they're just a few as compared to the loads of beautiful shoes in the net!

  4. Choosing comfort over aesthetic value - that's a great principle you have there, a lot of people think otherwise. What's the point of wearing something uncomfortable just to look good and please others.

    1. it's always the first principle when choosing shoes. :)

  5. i love those black wedges! the tie is so classy :D

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  6. OMG I'm a shoe lover too!!!!!!! Let's become friends in GFC (; x


  7. Those teal sandals are adorable, i think i need a pair!

  8. Hey,I found your blog on IFB and I followed you. Great blog btw, love it, really great pics-love the shoes!

    I hope you will follow back.

    Thank you!

    xoxo LLD.


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