Pardon this newbie.


Ever since my innocence realized the wonders of blogs, I felt the desire to write. I admit that I am fan of reading blogs from fashion to photography to make up reviews and whatever senseless stuff I may stumble upon so long as I find something interesting to read. I truly admire those people who can write spontaneously and those who find it easy to convert thoughts into words. They inform me and inspire me, and I think it's time to pay it forward to others like me. And now, I gathered all my courage to start a new blog which I intend to sustain for the rest of my life.

So, pardon this newbie here but I hope you can waste your time with me.

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  1. salute to all newbies like us! HAHA as you were motivated to make your own me too was once motivated, there were even times I doubt about blogging, but once you already started it you will realized that its more fun in blogging! HAHA

    I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN MY BLOG TOO., if its okay with you can we follow each other? I HOPE YOU RESPOND, thanks!

  2. thank you... I do hope that I'll be able to sustain this blogging thing since I also have a lot of things to do. :)

    Just followed you. See you around! :)


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