Every Sunset Has A Story


If you've been following me on Instagram (@misslitratista), you'd probably conclude by now that sunsets are one of my favorite subjects in photography. I couldn't help but sometimes be awed with the beauty of a sunset, and sometimes, this wonderful work of nature is a constant reminder that there can always be beauty even if times are going to be dark. Let me share a few of my favorites.

March 2015

Aahhhh the last sunset of my 27th year of existence. It was that sunset I savored together with a very late lunch and a cup of iced tea while contemplating about decisions and random happenings in my life. It was also the same sunset used by God when He told me that I should never be afraid in being alone, as He will always be there with me, as long as I put my trust in Him. Little did I know, those whispers from God at the time were actually a foretaste of a turn of events which made my 2015 unexpected yet awesome.

March 2015

This sunset capped off our island hopping activity on the 1st day of my 28th year. Celebrating my birthday in El Nido, I only had two wishes - to witness a beautiful sunset and a bright sunny weather during my entire stay in El Nido. God was gracious enough to allow me to bask in beautiful sunsets for the 3 days that I was in El Nido.  I guess that was His clever way of alluring me to taste and experience His glory in order for me to truly believe in His majesty -  a part of a way of life which I haven't truly embraced not until my life was shaken early this year.

March 2015

A sunset taken in the midst of a drizzle is only a reminder that our life can still be beautiful no matter how rainy it gets. I didn't mind being drenched under the little rain just to capture this photo taken on my last day in Palawan - a symbolism of beautiful goodbyes. Sunsets in El Nido made it more difficult for me to say goodbye to such an amazing place!

April 2015

Just like the UP Oblation, I held my arms wide open gazing up in the sky in surrender to God. It was the first day after I dropped a major life-changing decision and even though I could no longer reminisce what exactly was my feelings at that time, all I can remember is that it was all for God.

These are just few, and as long as I can still chase sunsets, I will still add more to my feed. And even though, sunsets may just look like the same for others, every sunset I see, or about to see, always has a story for me.

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  1. Beautiful sunsets. I love them too! <3

  2. Beautiful photos. Sunsets are beautiful anytime, anywhere. I love sunrise too but I don't always get to see them since I'm still sleeping by the time it rises. Hehehe.


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