El Nido, Palawan: Matinloc Shrine


It could have been one of those places in El Nido that a person would definitely pick out to build a retirement home. While it sadly crossed my mind that a place like that suffered an unfortunate fate to have been abandoned, such was a blessing in disguise, or else, we would not have enjoyed a picturesque view of the island in its full glory, as seen from the towering limestone cliffs of Matinloc Shrine.

Matinloc Shrine is another tourist spot included in package Tour C, but since we were on a private island hopping tour, we made sure that we visit this place early on in the itinerary. Based on the influx of tourists waiting to be photographed while perched on top of those deadly karst cliffs (including us), it has undeniably become one of the places a tourist must visit in EL Nido. 

Impressive yet creepy at the same time was the feeling, as we went to explore the abandoned mansion showing signs of dereliction and neglect. The owners must have such a valid reason to let go of what used to be a very beautiful abode in the island.  Whatever that was, I’m glad that this place was made open to tourists like me.  

Just when I thought that the view of Matinloc Shrine in photos circulating online was stunning, I felt my jaw dropped as I let out a very big WOOOOOOOW upon seeing the astonishing view. If only I have more than a million bucks to buy an island, without a doubt, it would be Matinloc.

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***Photos no. 1, 2 and 6 are from Ferdz Decena (http://ironwulf.net)***

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  1. Fall in love with the clean water. What an amazing picture. That was wonderful day


  2. damn view!!! will go there with my boyfriend after grad <3

    YouTube: Reina Tsukada


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