El Nido, Palawan: Helicopter Island


The first stop of our private island hopping tour was the Helicopter Island (Dilumacad Island). From afar, it looked like a helicopter, hence the name, but the closer we approached, it resembled more of a dolphin instead. Several boats welcomed us as we docked on the island, since some tours usually chose this island to the first pit stop for island hopping. 


I can say that the island was beautiful, with its limestone cliffs towering over the luscious rainforest, yet it wasn't that spectacular either. We were only given 15-20 minutes to spend on the island since we still had to cover more destinations for the remainder of the day. Although the marine life here is beautiful according to our tour guide, we we were still not in the mood to snorkel so we just explored the island along its shoreline, took a few photos,  and then headed off to our next destination.


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  1. Worth the commute talaga papunta diyan. HAHAHA! Dugay ka lagi naka blog ani!

    1. samuka sa comment oie! hahahaha! nalibog ko kung isahon nako tanang island hopping or lahi lahion na lang nako kay sayang pics. hahaha!

      Busy baya kaayo akong beauty! karon kay makabalik blogging na nga hahaha!

  2. Ang ganda tlaga dyan! Sulit na sulit pera mo na magagastos mo para sa trip na yan. The best!


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