Fashion Clothes from Top Luxury Car Brands


Driving a luxury car is perhaps one of the most coveted dreams of many people. Who wouldn’t want to be rocketing around town in a fiery red Ferrari? Sadly, these kinds of cars are not for everyone. There’s the price tag at the very top of the list to consider. Nevertheless, these luxury sports car will be continued to be admired whether in car shows, car races or on occasional street-sightings.

Other luxury car brands have also opened their own line of clothing and accessories. While not everybody can easily buy a car under these names, there are companies that provide luxury car rental like this one that deliver a taste of sophistication and class. These are popular for special occasions or for driving around on a holiday. As you zip by in your luxurious car, it wouldn’t be bad to have with you matching clothing and accessories to enhance the entire look.

Due to the fact that there is a huge following when it comes to these kinds of cars, these marques have started investing in the fashion industry as well. Automobile brands are actually having another race, this time, in the fashion industry. Here, we can see several lines of goods that don’t involve racing cars and which are far more affordable than the ones they originally produce. Instead, people can purchase brand extensions on a number of products.

One of the most popular car brands, Ferrari, has opened a fashion line that consumers can actually buy for everyday use. The clothing line includes, but is not limited to, jackets, t-shirts, dress shirts, pants and shorts. You can also find the logo stamped on a number of accessories such as sunglasses, caps, belts, watches, scarves, ties, and bags. Check at Ferrari Clothing Store. You can also buy fashionable shoes with the Ferrari brand on it. They cater to men and women, including children. There are also items that can be used in the home and office such as calendars and paperweights. Collectors can also purchase car models.

BMW is another popular car brand that has opened its own fashion line where fans and collectors can purchase the perfect accessories and clothing items. From sport attires and everyday wear, clients can choose from a line of jackets, shirts, and pants, to name a few. Shoes and other accessories are also available. You can find sunglasses, gloves, wallets, lapel pins and other objects under the brand. The BMW Collection line caters to sports enthusiasts such as golfers, sailors, athletes and bikers. Here you can find all the apparel and accessories you need for the kind of sport you love.

Another car brand that has recognized the need to expand into retail is Bugatti which targets the upscale buyer with a disposable income. Opening two exclusive apparel and accessory lines, the Ettore Bugatti, with the EB monogram, and the Extreme Performance, carrying the Bugatti logo. Because the car brand wants to continue its trademark of amazing technology and spectacular performance, it is not a surprise that its fashion line will continue to represent the identity of the automotive brand such as the line of exclusive crocodile-skin handbags for women, the Bugatti Collection Lifestyle and the Bugatti Legends Capsule Collection.

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