A Letter for You


Dear You,

How’s life treating you lately? I’ve seen you both in your happy and ugly days, but these past few days seemed to be rough for you. I may not know the exact details of your struggles, but I can see and feel your pain, and rest assured, someone up there knows every bit and parcel of it and He is turning everything for your own good.

He loves you, really. More than anyone did and more than anyone can. And He has always been faithful to you. You just got to change your perspective and see yourself in His loving eyes. He knows your worth better than anyone. In fact, He gave up His own son in order for you to be saved and to receive an eternal life.

He loves you enough to always turn your pain into gain. Consider these past few days to be a great turning point in your life.  It was great to see you running to Him and surrendering everything in your struggle, but remain steadfast in your commitment to Him no matter how events will be turned. As what they all say, everything happens for a reason. This time, maybe you really need to learn and grow away from your old stubborn and selfish self. I believe you can do that and I look forward to that.

People may come and go in our lives, but there are others who always choose to stay because I do believe, that is what and where God wants them to be. Everything in this world has already been decided. In fact, even before you were born, God has already written the story of your life in His books. Welcome every single day with an expectant faith.  Even if you find it hard to grasp why things happen but eventually, you will. And when God takes anything away from you, let them go, He truly has something better in store. You’ve been there before and you’ve seen and experienced how He worked to save you from something not meant for you. Remember, what is meant for you will definitely not miss you and whatever misses you is truly not meant for you. But when God allows you another chance, keep it and treasure it will all your might and heart. Constantly seek for His guidance and assistance to protect and nurture it with all your life. Only when you ask for His grace will you be able to do things that are beyond your human capacity.

Be strong, my dear. Most lessons in life are really learned the hard way. But trust that you are not alone at this point in your life. Continue to give your love, even at times, the love you give away ends up unrequited. Don’t be disappointed, but instead, sing praises of thanksgiving and glorify Him that you can still enjoy what you already have. God knows the desires of your heart, and He will give it to you, when He thinks it is best for you. Be patient, everything has its own perfect timing. Most importantly, grow in His love. Allow Him to hold your heart in this period of waiting. Learn from all these challenges. Change may not be evident immediately but when you learn to start that much-needed change within the corners of your heart, that growth will be visible without you knowing it. When you think that you can only handle so much, entrust everything to Him in total surrender, for He will delightfully step in to do what you can’t do.  

Hold on to Him, God definitely knows best. And He loves you so much to give it to you in His perfect time.

Have faith in God,
You, only better

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