#GRATEFULPO: Thank YOU For Everything!


No, this is not yet my year-end blog post.

Looking back on the things that happened in 2014, I realized that I am truly blessed enough with a lot of things which can make me conclude that so far, this is the best year of my life. It's not because I seem to have everything that I wanted, but because I have learned to be thankful for what I already had that the blessings began to pour unceasingly and that more of these blessings were in fact better than what I have been praying for. 

This year, I realized that my blessings didn't come wrapped in expensive material and that they were made up of a multitude of experiences, great character and awesome personalities. Little did I know that this year, I have met and known a lot of people who have been instrumental into making me, if not yet the best, a better version of who I was before. 

So this Christmas, let me take this opportunity to give a shout out of gratitude to all the people who have been a part of making this year extraordinary for me. 

Of course, what would I do without you?! You have been a constant source of love, support, understanding, patience, discipline, unlimited Wi-fi and delicious food. Thank you very much for everything and although I couldn't spend much quality time because of my other commitments, thank you very much for always being there for me.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve this organization. It has been a challenging one but I'm thankful I've known a lot of people through blogging and not only did it opened a vast array of opportunities for me but it also exposed me to a lot of experiences I would not have done if not because of blogging. Thank you for supporting our events and I hope to see more of you next year!

I've been reading blogs before I started one thus it's an overwhelming feeling for me to have finally met the faces behind the blogs I'm reading and the Instagram accounts I'm following. To all those I met in 2014, thank you for taking time, for the online and offline conversations, for the pleasant company and for all your enriching stories! I hope that someday our paths are all going to cross again. Keep on blogging!

Team Nuvali: Mica, Christian, Dom, Kara, Ferdz, Nina, Oman, Gay, Paula, Charlie, Jill, Oliver
Friends of Glen who instantly became my friends as well: Paula, Mai, Angel, Claire (not in the photo)

Friends from Globe: Cat, Winston, John
Team Caleruega: Christine and Shawn (What does the FOG say?)
Team DFAT: Sinjin The Libotero, Mommy Val and Mica The Senyorita

Thank you also to those blogger friends online who always have their own ways and means of making me enjoy my day with your funny conversations, bullying techniques, and comments! I hope to all meet you someday soon!

One of the best blessings I received this year was being part of a life-changing Catholic community, Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon Davao. I've already written about my journey in Lingkod Davao in my #TeamSingle No More blog post. My words of gratitude may not be enough to thank all brothers and sisters in this community, most especially to my AG sisters Ebony, Melissa, Sam, Feb and Leni, for inspiring me, for making me live my faith, for guiding me in my Christian way of life and for bringing me closer to God. Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to serve God and to serve people through our activities. 

Being a part of Lingkod Davao also opened opportunities for me to meet brothers and sisters from other branches of the community. I'd like to thank Lingkod Makati for welcoming me into one of their prayer meetings when I was in Manila, and to Lingkod Alabang for accommodating me during the 30th Anniversary celebration. I hope to see you all again! 

Sisters from Lingkod Makati

Lingkod Alabang
Lingkod Makati
I would not have been able to nurse a heartbreak without the help of these people. No matter how busy you were with your own lives, thank you for still making time to listen, share stories and just anything under the sun, and of course, all the food trips and HOHOLs. It was an exciting journey with you all and thank you for making my year better with your presence.

When it comes to the current matters of the heart, these people know the real score. Whether it's a happy or a sad one, they were the one who would instantly say, "Tara, kain na lang natin yan!", "'Wag ganyan, tinotoyo ka na naman.", "Gaga ka talaga!". Thank you for always being there in good times and in bad times, for the endless laughter, for being my instant dates when I need one, for bringing me back to sanity, for showing me the real meaning of friendship, and for making me feel I have friends to keep for life. Thank you to my BFF na matampuhin minsan Princess Sarah, Glen, Mommy Van and Pau for the awesomest moments of this year! More to come! 

I guess it's the first time I'm writing about you here in my blog. I didn't expect to meet you this year but I'd like you to know that you are definitely one of the best blessings I ever had in my entire life. 

some of the labor of his love:  a signed copy of Lang Leav's lullabies and his Christmas gift <3

Thank you for always being there for me, for leading me to walk in our faith, for bringing me closer to Him, for being consistent in your deeds, for helping me iron out my issues, for inspiring me to be always at my best, for being proud of what I am doing, for taking really good photos of me, for making time for me despite of how busy you are, for understanding me, for extending your patience on me and for teaching me patience as well, for helping me bring back my trust in the world, for doing things beyond your capacity and without me asking for it, for the amazing surprises, for showering me with gifts, for giving in to my requests, for the laughter and crazy moments, for the road trips, joyrides and food trips, for the respect and most of all, for the love I didn't expect receiving. Too many to mention but I would like you to know that I appreciate every single one of them. You are one real proof that God loves me so much because He allowed us to meet one another in this lifetime and I thank the Lord every single time I remember you. Thank you very much for making my year truly happier and more complete. 

I hope you know how happy and thankful I am for knowing and having someone like you in my life. The best for us is yet to come. Let's keep on praying for it. 

Thank you very much for being a part of my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

God bless you always!

Of course, all of these things wouldn't come along my way if not for my God who has always been a very good provider of blessings and source of strength, wisdom and understanding. I am really really thankful to God for all of the things happening in my life, and it is through His interventions that I've reached this point. I lift up everything to Him because I trust in His plans for His plans are always better than my best plans. The faithful love of the Lord never ceases!

To God be all the glory! Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed 2015 ahead!

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  1. Thank you also for being one of my trustworthy friends. And huhu sana makasama ako sa El Nido!!! :D Happy new year bibi


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