Video: "Fiesta" Promotes Germ-Free Communities


With the advocacy of promoting clean toilets for germ-free communities, Unilever Philippines produced this Domex video entitled "FIESTA". It depicts a typical fiesta scene wherein at the sound of a marching band, people come rushing to the streets, eager to see the star of the celebration. But to their surprise, instead of seeing a movie celebrity or a famous person, the video reveals an unlikely yet welcome sight - a new clean toilet facility.

This video is part of the efforts for the Domex's One Million Clean Toilets Movement. It aims to make people realize the value of clean toilets which most of us unfortunately take for granted. Every share and view will be translated into a pledge for households to conscientiously maintain their own hygienic bathrooms. For every pledge, P5 of it will be donated to UNICEF's sanitation program, towards improving availability of basic sanitation in deprived areas including the Philippines. In this way, the video is raising the society's awareness on the importance of toilet sanitation while at the same time helping less privileged communities by providing access to new and clean toilet facilities.

May this video be a wake-up call for us, that the little things most of us take for granted, like having a clean toilet, could mean the world for others and could definitely help save lives. 


Celebrate World Toilet Day on November 19, 2014 by sharing this video through your social media. Be a blessing to everyone!

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