5 Reasons Why I Love Microtel Mall of Asia


My recent trip to Manila was sort of making me fall in love and hate and love again with the city. Love, as I was reunited with a few important people in my life. Hate, because of the the traffic, pollution and multiple rejection of taxi drivers. Love again, as I was able to enjoy a remarkable stay, as what this post is trying to narrate.

It was my second time to be in the country's capital city for the year, but this time, it was not for a vacation but more of work-related, so just imagine the effort in stretching my time, squeezing in some meet-ups and juggling events I needed to do to while in the metro. This time, I got the chance to stay for 2 nights at the Microtel Inns and Suites by Wyndham  at the Mall of Asia branch. It was the fourth Microtel branch I've been to but so far, it was my most favorite. Why? Here's at least 5 reasons why I love Microtel Mall of Asia. 


Like any other Microtel hotels, the room is also furnished with the same essential amenities needed for a comfortable and relaxing stay. As soon as I entered the room, two queen-sized beds with chiropractor-approved mattresses are already calling and ready to devour me with comfort. The room is spacious enough for a solo traveler like me and even with the presence of a closet, a small working desk, a mini-refrigerator and a luggage rack, there's still enough space to run around in. 

Although the beds were more tempting as they seem, my favorite part of the room was the bay window as the curtains open up to a spectacular view (photos below). I got so excited that I hit my knee with the window seat so hard thus, resulting to a hematoma. I'm relieved to know that an abundant supply of ice was readily available near the water dispenser in each floor that I was able to apply first aid immediately (nursing care applied to self, #foreveralone).

Unlike most hotels which provide complimentary bottled water for guests, Microtel supplies their guests a pitcher, glasses and a free unlimited drinking water from water dispensers situated near the elevator of each floor. 

When it comes to deciding on places to stay, I'm quite particular with the toilet and bath and I am always happy to know that Microtel's own does not disappoint. Aside from being spick-and-span, it comes with complete amenities - a hot and cold shower with a rain-type showerhead, a toilet bowl with bidet, essential toiletries, clean towels, a hair dryer and a clothesline. Yes, the bell-like structure near the towels in the photo above is actually a clothesline. Amazing!

One thing that sets Microtel hotels apart from the other hotels I've been to is that they have special rooms intended for persons with disabilities. The room is similar to the usual rooms except that it's a bit more spacious, most especially the toilet and bath, and that hand rails are provided, as seen in the photo below.

Safety and security is of utmost importance for a satisfying stay. Each room can be accessed with an electronic key card, and safety deposit boxes are also provided.

But before I submitted myself to the tempting comfort of the beds, I took some time to check out the roofdeck and lo and behold, I felt like I was transported out of the city all the way to Santorini. The Grecian trellises, columns, walls and floors were all painted in white, to the point that it's almost blinding under the midday sun. Microtel Mall of Asia boasts of an infinity pool but unfortunately, it was not available for public use as it has to undergo periodic maintenance during my stay. 

Right there and then, I made up my mind not to explore the city anymore so that I could prop myself in the comfort of the beds, take some time to rest so that I could later enjoy the Manila Bay sunset from the roofdeck.


The 150-room towering structure is nestled within the Mall of Asia Complex, just a few minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and destinations like Manila Ocean Park and Solaire Casino Resorts. It is conveniently located at a walking distance (yes, I literally walked just to know) from the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Mall of Asia Arena, the vast array of bars and restaurants along Seaside Boulevard, and beside the Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life. So, if you're looking for a place to stay which is accessible to almost anywhere, then do consider Microtel Mall of Asia.


The inner kid in me couldn't resist being happy with the view of the giant ferris wheel called the MOA Eye. I was actually thinking to go out and stroll along Seaside Boulevard but felt too lazy so I just enjoyed the view from the room until it was time for me to wait for the sunset. 

Just when I thought that the roofdeck is stunningly beautiful under the midday sun, it got even more captivating during sunset. Had it not rained that afternoon, a dramatic sunset would have been a show, but being alone on the rooftop, contemplating on life and everything in between was already dramatic for me, and I was still thankful I got to have some time alone even though I could use some company in a bottle of ice-cold beer.

The view from my room even got more beautiful during the sunrise. I was having my prayer (by the way, Microtel also provides a Bible in their rooms) near the bay window and opening my eyes to this spectacle just left me at loss for words. I knew I was going to have a very beautiful day. Clearly, this part of Manila is something to fall in love again with.

An overnight stay at Microtel always comes with a complimentary breakfast, and in their Mall of Asia branch, buffet breakfast is offered daily at 6am-10pm at their in-house restaurant, Millie's Restaurant, which is located at the first floor of the hotel. I first had a taste of Millie's restaurant when I stayed at the Microtel UP Technohub branch, and in terms of the buffet breakfast, I was totally swooned with the unlimited supply of bacon.

I was hoping to enjoy a baconfest during my Microtel Mall of Asia stay but sadly, no bacon for me. However, there's no room for disappointment as the vast selection of delicious breakfast offerings compensated for the lack of bacon and the soft, fluffy and super tasty rolls of bread totally won me over that I lost count as to how many I devoured. 

Millie's Restaurant offers all-day dining to guests and even to customers who are not checked-in. Selections are pretty impressive (they almost have the same menu with the Microtel UP Technohub branch) and  are prepared in generous servings without scrimping on the ingredients. 

One thing very noteworthy in every Microtel stay is the service. I think Microtel  is synonymous with great service but the staff at the Microtel Mall of Asia branch really took this promise to heart. Hourly shuttle services to SM Mall of Asia are provided for free but it was actually the small gestures that impressed me a lot. There was never an instance that a staff failed to greet me "good morning/afternoon/evening". In fact, doormen and bellboys refused to let me carry my bags and were always very eager to serve with a smile. 

The Superb Microtel Staff: Ms. Lani A. Tuala, Mr. Dean Y. Cid and Mr. Carlo A. Tabora
A million thanks to Mr. Dean Y. Cid, the General Manager, to Mr. Dandi A. Galvez, Microtel's Marketing Communications Manager, Ms. Lani A. Tuala, Mr. Carlo A. Tabora and to the rest of the staff of Microtel  by Wyndham Mall of Asia for making my Microtel experience a very notable one! 

These five reasons were only just a summary of what I truly love about Microtel Mall of Asia but should you consider booking a room, be prepared for an excellent surprise and more reasons to love them. Whether for business or for pleasure, Microtel Mall of Asia has been a name for delivering no-frills, back to the basic kind of accommodation coupled with excellent service that are beyond expectations, thus providing you an experience more than what you're paying for. 


Coral Way Ave. Corner Seaside Boulevard
SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 1308
Phone Number: +63 (02) 403 3333
Fax Number: +63 (02) 659 4226
Mobile: +63 (917) 590 5914

Manila Sales Office
Phone Numbers: +63 (02) 899 7171 | +63 (917) 888 1800
Fax Number: +63 (02) 870 0319
Email: sales@microtel.ph

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  2. awesome photos as usual. i like the window seat as well and the view. plus two thumbs up for the location but too bad i missed checking out the swimming pool area.

    1. Hi Dom! Thanks for dropping by! oo nga, sabi ko punta kayo sa taas! hahaha.. maraming salamat! :)

  3. Oh, ang ganda pala jan. Sa Go Hotels pala kasi yung natry namin. Nextime try namin sa microtel.


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